Familie am Esstisch

Everything tastes better in the company of friends

A culinary voyage of discovery through Schleswig-Holstein.

From liquid to crunchy, from savoury to sweet, from morning to evening: Schleswig-Holstein has something to offer for every palate when you have hunger pangs between your holiday activities! Nature has blessed our region with many treasures, which our restaurateurs and small manufactories turn into some fine, aromatic and memorable dishes through the seasons

Our recommendations for an enjoyable holiday: Dismount from your bike, find a cosy, country inn and indulge in a traditional lunch - with produce fresh from the field, meadow or water. Or moor your canoe directly at one of the cafés on our lakes and enjoy some coffee and cake. Convivial evenings, on the other hand, are best spent over a glass of beer or wine in a craft brewery run with great passion by the owners, or sitting among the vines at a vineyard in northern Germany.

The way to our heart is through our stomach, and some fascinating conversations with our locals happen quite naturally in the land between the seas. Delicious food and new friends - one more reason to come back!

Salondampfer Alexandra auf der Flensburger Förde
© flensburger-foerde.de/BenjaminNolte

In Flensburg, innovative, surprising gastronomic concepts and events meet a living maritime tradition that brings Flensburg’s long history as a “rum city” to life. Star-level cuisine is also represented here, making our small state internationally famous.

Hotel Breitenburg beleuchtet am Abend
© Arndt Haug

In the midst of the gently rolling, lush green plain south-east of Itzehoe lies the former count’s estate, which has been converted into a luxury hotel in close proximity to nature, surrounded by old trees and a first-class golf course. The hotel – which was voted one of the 100 best in Europe – and the “Restaurant Johann” invite you to unwind, feel great, relax and enjoy.

Gedeckter Esstisch vor einem Rapsfeld
© Friederikenhof

Every year at the Schleswig-Holstein Gourmet Festival (SHGF), renowned guest chefs converge on 17 authentic member establishments to showcase their exceptional culinary skills – all ranging from pure nature to fusion cuisine.

Lübecker Holstentor
© LTM/Olaf Malzahn

In Lübeck, fresh ideas for food and drink can be found all around: From the Sudden Death craft beer brewery to the Cycle Roasters coffee roastery, the “Konditoreibar” Uter to the Hanseatic food served at the “Fangfrisch” restaurant – the region’s newly opened hotspots are always about the best taste, as well as attitude and a bit about style.

© www.ostsee-schleswig-holstein.de / Oliver Franke

At the Baltic Sea, people know what tastes good: Fish rolls, for example, a hand-brewed Klüvers beer or a glass of white wine from the Ingenhof winery, where pioneer Melanie Engel produces Schleswig-Holstein wine. If you want to enjoy excellent food, a fabulous overnight stay and a short journey back in time, then Hotel “Gut Immenhof” is the place to be.

Hafen von Kiel
© sh-tourismus.de

As the capital of Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine. The use of seasonal, regional and quality ingredients is not the exception for young chefs, but rather the rule. Ocean specialities can often be found on the menus, but so are new interpretations of traditional North German dishes. Thirsty night owls will also be thrilled by Kiel’s diverse bar landscape.

Aussicht auf den Weststrand auf Sylt
© Finn Anjes

Fine taste has found a home on the gourmet island of Sylt: Germany’s largest North Sea island is home to three Michelin-starred restaurants, Germany’s only oyster farm, the “Sylter Royal”, excellent coffee roasters and small beach bistros that invite you to enjoy a cocktail with a view of the sunset.

Reetdachhäuser am Ufer der Schlei
© Beate Zoellner

Down-to-earth, traditional, handmade. This is how you could describe the cuisine of the Schlei region. Fish in all flavours and, of course, in a roll, meat and cheese from the region, as well as fresh bread varieties and cakes: all these culinary highlights can be found at the fish smokehouse Föh, to the gourmet bike tour, and the restaurant ODIN’S Haithabu.

Ein Mann und eine Frau sitzen an einem Esstisch auf einem Steg am See.
© Markus Tiemann/HLMS GmbH

The Duchy of Lauenburg is located in the south of Schleswig-Holstein and its landscape is characterised by over 40 lakes, deep forests and green meadows. The fertile soils are home to the largest and oldest asparagus-growing area in the country. Colourful farm shops and idyllic farm cafés offer regional food and invite you to lose track of time.

Luftaufnahme einer Landschaft
© sh-tourismus.de/MOCANOX

On the eastern outskirts of Hamburg, a lush green, crop-rich stretch of land begins to unfold that reaches as far as Lübeck. Whether it’s wine growing, speciality gardening, traditional bakery or “Bioland Gut Wulksfelde” with country house cuisine at its best: Stormarn offers nature and enjoyment right on our doorstep and, at the same time, close proximity to the metropolises of the north.

© sh-tourismus.de

A moment when not only the palate, but also the heart and soul are enchanted – that’s when you enjoy in Schleswig-Holstein. In cosy pubs or small bars, nestled between countless delicacies, surrounded by warm-hearted people and immersed in good conversation. Nowhere else can you taste Germany’s “True North” more authentically and experience wonderful snugly moments.