Ein Mann und eine Frau fahren mit ihren Fahrrädern unter der Eisenbahnhochbrücke Rendsburg hindurch.


Schleswig-Holstein is a cyclist’s paradise - great expanses of flat countryside, 13 well established long-distance cycle paths and a strong tailwind.

Pedalling on the North Sea dykes with views over the Wadden Sea, you can gaze at the cliffs on the Baltic coast, cycle round idyllic lakes, use your GPS to guide you on a scavenger hunt or take a rest in shady woodlands – in the land between the seas there is so much for cyclists of every age to discover.

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Cycling in Schleswig-Holstein

Abgestelltes Fahrrad steht im Licht der untergehenden Sonne am Elbufer bei Schulau, spätsommerlich
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Cycling to experience and enjoy everything the region has to offer on several kilometres through varied nature areas, fascinating towns, historic villages and past interesting cultural highlights – all this is just waiting to be discovered!

Ein Mann und eine Frau fahren mit ihren Fahrrädern durch ein Waldstück mit grüner Vegetation.
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13 well-developed long-distance cycle routes run through Schleswig-Holstein, offering at times great views of the water along the coastlines or leading through unspoilt natural paradises and along historic routes.

Further information

Radfahrer vor Herrenhaus Eingang
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You can find bicycle-friendly guest houses with “Bett+Bike” (“Bed & Bike). In Schleswig-Holstein, there are over 180 certified accommodation options that are geared to the needs of cyclists.

Paar fährt Fahrrad mit ihrem Hund
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Experience Schleswig-Holstein as a cyclist. With the “Radlerquartiere” host directory, you will find many cycling-friendly accommodation options that are located in the immediate vicinity of the long-distance cycle routes.

Radfahrer vor Wegweiser
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Germany is connected by twelve supra-regional long-distance cycle routes. Four of the so-called “D-routes” are in Schleswig-Holstein.