Spring in Schleswig-Holstein

Spring in Schleswig-Holstein

When the days get longer and the sun’s rays warmer, the sky shines in clear blue and the birds begin to chirp, life returns to the holiday resorts in the true north – it’s spring time in Schleswig-Holstein.

The first rays of sunshine of this year make their way through the fluffy clouds that quickly pass by in the sky and warm your face. Early summer temperatures attract people from near and far to the beaches and promenades of our holiday resorts. The first round of hot drinks is enjoyed in the fresh air in the warming spring sun, while the birds make their rounds above the glittering sea. The colourful beach chairs now also adorn the beaches of the coastal resorts in rows again.

The new season starts with Easter, Whitsun and spring festivals, as well as other events on the North Sea and Baltic Sea and in the land between the region’s two coasts. But it is not only the holiday resorts that come to life and set their minds to preparing for the coming season – nature is also coming out of its winter sleep. Spring arrives in the country

A time of blossom in Germany’s true north

In many places, the rapeseed blossoms in spring and bathes the landscape in a bright yellow sea. Whether it’s a walk along the many hiking trails or a bicycle tour – experiencing this natural spectacle is a must. Spring not only brings out the sun’s rays, but also rising water temperatures. The weather is perfect for long discovery tours through the idyllic landscapes away from the coasts. The small colourful details that nature has in store in spring enchant the soul and invite you to relax.

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Experience spring

Radfahrer fahren entlang eines Sees
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Zwei Wanderinnen in Stormarn
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Luftaufnahme vom Naturpark Lauenburgische Seen
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Grachten und Giebelhäuser in Friedrichstadt
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Gedeckter Tisch im Garten
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Events in spring

Feldweg neben einem Fluss im Frühling
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Ten top excursion tips for spring

  • The beach chair season is about to get under way in our holiday resorts! One by one, colourful beach chairs are brought from their winter hibernation spots and onto the beach sections. You will soon be able to enjoy the first rays of sunshine there!
  • When the rapeseed is in bloom, the whole region glows in a bright yellow. You can admire this stunning natural spectacle while on a walk. The rapeseed blossom usually begins in May, and only lasts a few weeks.
  • The first spring markets will open their doors in April. Why not stroll through the Holstein spring market at Gut Steinwehr, for example, and savour the selected products and other culinary delights.
  • When the crocuses poke their colourful heads out of the ground in spring, the meadows and forests are transformed into a sea of colourful flowers. Potentially the most famous sea of flowers can be found in Husumer Schlosspark, where over 4 million purple crocuses grow.
  • Anyone visiting the wonderful cities of Schleswig-Holstein should definitely stop by the shopping centres, small shopping arcades and boutique stores.
  • As temperatures warm up, this presents the best conditions for the first cycle tour of the year. Take one of the 13 beautifully crafted long-distance cycle paths and enjoy the first rays of sunshine.
  • Treat yourself to the first ice cream sundae of the season on our beach promenades, while basking in the glorious sunshine.
  • Ball games, building sandcastles and dodging the waves – in stark contrast to the popular high season, the kilometre-long beaches in spring offer plenty of space for great family activities. How about flying a kite on the beach?
  • Even in spring, you can really let your hair down on the coasts of Schleswig-Holstein. Enjoy the sound of the sea and the endless expanses during a walk along the Schleswig-Holstein cliffs. If you look at the ground, you may even be lucky enough to find fossils – such as sea urchins, belemnites or amber. 
  • The amusement park season also gets going in Sierksdorf in spring. Experience a day full of action and adventure at Hansa-Park and let the fresh air deliver its invigorating force on the roller coasters. Tip: The “Highlander” freefall tower offers a breath-taking view over the Bay of Lübeck and the Baltic Sea from a height of 120 metres.


The first warm rays of sunshine

Strandkörbe am Strand von Sylt
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As soon as spring arrives at the North Sea, the dykes radiate a fresh, lush green. Hundreds of sheep cavort on the dykes and enjoy the warming rays of the sun. The tops of the dykes are a wonderful place to laze in the sun while looking out over the expansive sea. The Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park is a particular highlight at this time of year. Guided mudflat walks will reveal a whole new world to you. Marvel at fascinating animal and plant biospheres, and experience the diversity and uniqueness of the North Sea coast. Spring at the North Sea is something you have to experience.

Promenade auf Fehmarn
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Spring awakens in bright colours on the Baltic Sea. Colourful beach chairs, lined up in rows, transform the beaches into a picture-postcard scene. Visitors from near and far stroll along the promenades and fill the coast with life. The cosy restaurants and cafés along the way are also awakening from their winter sleep, and invite you to enjoy a delicious hot drink with a view of the sea with their comfortable seating. Many towns situated on the Baltic Sea have spring or weekly markets where you can pick up fresh fruit and vegetables from the region. You have to experience spring at the Baltic Sea.

Arboretum Ellerhoop im Frühling
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As the sun’s rays become warmer, nature between the coasts truly comes to life. A fresh wave of green now adorns the bushes and shrubs, and the first early bloomers are making themselves seen outdoors. The early summer temperatures also lure wildlife out of hiding. The birds chirp from the trees and fill nature with the special sound of spring. Even if it is still too cold for swimming, the lakes and rivers in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein invite you to explore remote natural paradises, be it by canoe or kayak. You have to experience the spring between the coasts.