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Experience the diverse shopping opportunities in Schleswig-Holstein.

It’s not only the landscape in the true north that scores top marks with its diversity, but also our shopping opportunities. There is a suitable offer for every taste: From charming old towns with small, individual shops to shopping streets where you can find the well-known fashion chains and department stores, to shopping centres that offer simply everything from A to Z. Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely shopping trip or a real shopping binge, you certainly won’t go home empty-handed in Schleswig-Holstein.

Paar macht Altstadtbummel

Charming old towns

Do you love discovering unique shops that can’t be found in every city? Then take a look at the charming old towns of our coastal villages. For your refreshment needs on the go, there are many cosy cafés from where you can take in the hustle and bustle in the pedestrian zone. 

The fact that Lübeck’s Historic Quarter has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site speaks for itself: Between the corridors and courtyards, the “Holstentor” and St. Peter’s Church, there are a multitude of small shops to discover here. 

The shopping street in Flensburg’s Historic Quarter is one of the longest pedestrian zones in Schleswig-Holstein, and exudes a very special charm thanks to the former merchants’ and captains’ houses you will find there.

The German author, Theodor Storm, raved about the tranquil little town on the North Sea even back then. Today, the beauty of this colourful coastal town has not changed – enjoy the maritime flair while shopping in Husum’s Historic Quarter!

Frau mit Shoppingtüten

Famous shopping streets

If you enjoy the fresh air while shopping, but don’t want to miss out on the well-known shops brought to you by the big fashion chains, then it’s best to stroll through one of the varied shopping streets in Schleswig-Holstein’s towns. There are shops here for all budgets, and the offer ranges from inexpensive “off-the-peg” goods to high-quality designer fashion.

There are two shopping miles in the state capital Kiel: The Holstenstraße near the main railway station is mainly home to large chain shops, while the Holtenauer Straße in the Brunswik district has more smaller, boutique shops.

“Hohe Straße” in Rendsburg is one of the oldest streets in the city. The mixture of old and new buildings gives the shopping street its special charm.

Here, you can go bargain hunting: Breite Straße in Lübeck lives up to its name and presents you with a variety of well-known shops in the spacious pedestrian zone.

Elmshorn is also a great place to go shopping. Fashion shops, decoration shops and cafés are waiting for you!