Fish and Seafood

Fresh air, restful beaches and green landscapes: this is the image most people have of Schleswig-Holstein – but also harbours, sailing boats and fresh fish.

Whether smoked or marinated, grilled or steamed, the treasures from the coastal waters of the North and Baltic Seas taste special. The cutters and coastal fisheries of Schleswig-Holstein find mainly cod, herring and flounder in their nets. Particularly prized specialities also include the Baltic salmon, which differs from the Atlantic varieties in its fine, white flesh.


Schleswig-Holstein’s delicacies

One regional speciality from Schleswig-Holstein known throughout the world is the “Kiel sprats”.

The sprat is a small, silver fish from the herring family. Smoked over beech or alder wood, it becomes a culinary delicacy. Other treasures from the Schleswig-Holstein coasts include crabs and oysters – in great demand as export goods in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Whatever does not land freshly and directly in the pans and dishes of costumers is further processed and finished to become a „seafood delicacy“. Fish products made in Schleswig-Holstein are also enjoying increasing popularity outside the state – these tastes can quickly bring holiday memories back to life.

Fresh on the table

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