Blick auf den Strand von Heiligenhafen an der Ostsee im Sommer

Summer in Schleswig-Holstein

When people wearing colourful swimming trunks and bikinis plunge into the North Sea and Baltic Sea, when a refreshing breeze envigorates the senses after a hot day, and an expanse of sandcastles built with loving attention to detail adorn the beaches – then it is truly summer in Schleswig-Holstein. Whether it’s water sports on the many lakes in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein, summer events throughout the state or seasonal specialities – summer in the true north is a treat for body and soul.

Warm days in the true north

Sun worshippers relax on the beaches of the North Sea and Baltic Sea, a cheerful bustle enlivens the promenades, people wander through nature’s green bounty between the coasts or pause for a picnic at one of the beautiful lakes that glitter in the glow of the sun. Kiters fly over the North Sea and a walk across one of the famous piers on the Baltic Sea lures people out into the fresh air. When the blue sky meets the shining sea on the horizon during the day and the most beautiful sunsets are marvelled at in the Duchy of Lauenburg towards evening; this can only mean one thing: That pure summer feeling.

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Experience summer

Segelkatamarane am Ufer
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Kanufahrer auf einem See in der Holsteinischen Schweiz
Windsurfer an der Nordsee
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Stand Up Paddling in Timmendorf an der Ostsee
© / Oliver Franke

Sunny time-out

Badestrand auf Sylt im Sommer
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The sun warms the skin while a refreshing salty breeze blows through the hair. Ferries shuttle between the mainland and the North Frisian Islands to take delighted holidaymakers to their destinations. The sound of the waves echoes through the laughter of beach-dwellers when the water is not quietly receding. The ebb and flow of the tide fascinate people, and many different guided tours of the Wadden Sea invite you to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You have to experience the summer at the North Sea.

Beachlounge in Scharbeutz an der Ostsee
© / Oliver Franke

Relaxing on the beach and enjoying a delicious fish sandwich in a deckchair - that’s something for everyone at the Baltic Sea. Water sports enthusiasts cavort on the water and put on a great show for the spectators. Sailing in particular enjoys tremendous popularity on the Baltic Sea and is duly celebrated with events such as the “Kieler Woche” or the “Travemünder Woche”. Popular walking routes include the various piers in the Baltic resorts, some even with play facilities for children. You have to experience the summer at the Baltic Sea.

Frau auf einem Steg am Lütauer See
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Take a pedal boat trip through the lake landscape in Holstein Switzerland or go for a hike in the shade of the impressive forests in the Duchy of Lauenburg and Stormarn – away from the hustle and bustle of the coasts. You can enjoy the tranquillity in perfect style on a canoe tour through the Schlei region or on a cycle tour along the Kiel Canal. Well-known events such as the “Karl May Festival”, “NordArt” and “Wacken” offer visitors a spectacular programme. You have to experience the summer in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein.