Seebrücke bei Sonnenuntergang

Regions and Cities

Discover the state between the seas with all its different facets! Each region has its own distinctive charm.

The North Sea coast is shaped by the UNESCO World Heritage Site Wadden Sea and kilometres of green dykes; the coastline of the Baltic Sea features dramatic cliffs and white sandy beaches, while in the interior romantic lakes nestle in a landscape of gently undulating hills. Schleswig-Holstein’s towns have a charming maritime character, historic buildings, appealing shops and impressive cultural highlights. There’s a perfect holiday waiting for you in Germany’s northernmost state!

An overview of the regions

North Sea
© / Pepe Lange

Wind force 8, gale force wind at the North Sea. Spray flies over the coast. Dark clouds fly over the Wadden Sea. Kiters fly over the waves. Seagulls fly on the spot. Caps fly off your head, hearts beat faster and stress finally flies away.

Paar an einem steinigen Strand
© / Pepe Lange

Wind force 5, fresh breeze on the Baltic coast. The wind is picking up, with waves and clouds. Blows inland through farm gardens, over lakes, forests, old thatched houses. And it brings something else: unbounded relaxation.

Between the coasts
© / Pepe Lange

Wind force 4.5, moderate wind between the coasts. Whispers through the treetops. Swaying blades of grass in perfect rhythm. Carries away the mist of the moors. Whirls around and provides a fresh (tail) wind.

Städte-Kampagnenmotiv echtnordiSH
© / Pepe Lange

Wind strength 6: strong wind in Schleswig-Holstein’s towns. It blows through the streets when you’re shopping, gusts over the historical ports and plays with the boat sails, it messes up your hair and luckily also blows your cobwebs away.