Holzsteg in verschneiten Dünen

Winter in Schleswig-Holstein

The true north is multifaceted and a place for holidays and relaxation all year round. Especially in winter, you will find quiet spots and tranquil places on the coasts and in the heart of the country, where the clocks seem to stand still.

Icy winds blow across the land. On the beaches of the North Sea and Baltic Sea, some travellers brave the cold and enjoy a nice long walk. There is no longer any sign of the summer bustle that prevails on the beaches during the warm season. You’d better not forget your bobble hat and scarf when those stormy gusts really let themselves be felt. Even in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein, nature is now in a state of deep hibernation. Hoarfrost envelops the landscape in the true north in countless tiny ice crystals, and offers a glittering natural spectacle to behold.

Wintertime in the true north

The sun slowly rises and makes its way through the small slit between the curtains of your hotel room. You pull open the curtains and quickly scurry back under the warm covers. Now you can enjoy the view of the sea. Despite the icy fog, you spot a few seagulls on the horizon making their rounds over the water. Here, where holidaymakers from near and far flock in high season, everything is still quiet. There is also no one on the dyke at this time of day. You are relaxed and rested, and simply let the day take its course. You are not thinking about your everyday life today.

Seebrücke Grömitz im Winter
© www.ostsee-schleswig-holstein.de / Oliver Franke

Experience winter

Dünentherme in St. Peter-Ording
© Sven Wied / Raufeld Medien
Familie im Schifffahrtsmuseum Kiel
© sh-tourismus.de / Jens König
Weihnachtsmarkt in Scharbeutz
© www.ostsee-schleswig-holstein.de / Oliver Franke
Rathausturm Kiel
© Sven Meier, Güby

The first snowflakes

Winterliche Dünen an der Nordsee
© sh-tourismus.de / Jan-Christoph Schultchen

The North Sea breeze blows stormily over the snow-covered dyke. You hide your nose in your scarf and enjoy the breathtaking view of the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea. The invigorating, clear air, as well as the powerful tides, make a stay on the west coast so special at this time of year. Take a deep breath, pause and enjoy the wonderful tranquillity of the North Sea. A storm surge is also not uncommon, in winter and is an impressive spectacle when the sea rages and bursts its banks. Now frozen through from your pleasant walk, the many wellness offers are particularly suitable for warming up and relaxing.

Verschneite Seebrücke in Grömitz an der Ostsee
© www.ostsee-schleswig-holstein.de / Oliver Franke

A thick woollen blanket warms your legs and a hot punch stands steaming in front of you as you pause on the terrace of a small café on the promenade. There is a pleasant silence. A long walk on the beach is now behind you, and the cold air whets your appetite – regional specialities such as kale with smoked pork loin, boiled sausage and fried potatoes will make you salivate at the prospect. The piers, adorned with huge icicles, stretch out up to 435 metres into the water and light your way atmospherically towards the horizon in winter. With reddened cheeks, you stroll to your accommodation and are already looking forward to a warming sauna session.

Tannenbaum auf einem Marktplatz
© Sven Meier, Güby

The icy leaves crackle under your shoes as you walk along the quiet hiking trail in the middle of an idyllic lake landscape in Holstein Switzerland. The winter sun makes its way through the treetops and leaves the frost-covered trees in the Duchy of Lauenburg sparkling. If one or two snowflakes stray into the true north, you can whizz down the Bungsberg – the highest elevation in Schleswig-Holstein – on your toboggan. To warm up, you then make your way to your accommodation in front of the cosy fireplace. Put on your thick cosy socks and enjoy your very own wintry time-out in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein.