Zwei Personen wandern bei Sonnenschein durch die Natur. Im Hintergrund befindet sich ein See.

Holstein Switzerland

Wind force 5, fresh breeze in the “Holsteinische Schweiz” (Holstein Switzerland). Blows from the coast through farm gardens, over lakes, forests, old thatched houses. And it blows pure holiday happiness right into the heart.

Those who have had enough of wide sandy beaches, cliffs and sea bridges will find variety in the gently hilly region between Kiel and Lübeck. But you still don’t have to miss out on water here, because more than 200 small and large lakes and the 68-kilometre-long river Schwentine invite you to swim, sail, canoe and stand-up paddle. And there is also plenty to do on land here: Hiking, cycling, visiting castles and estates or simply enjoying a delicious piece of cake in a cosy farm café – here, the cake still tastes just like grandma’s, here the vegetables are still fresh from the field. North German country life, that’s what it is. Or as our guests say: endless holiday bliss – what more could you wish for? 

Typical Holstein Switzerland

Today, light beech forests and glistening lakes enliven the relic of the last ice age. A young moraine landscape in which snow-white castles line up with enchanted apple orchards. The water, the deep blue constant, connects town and forest, parks and promenade.


An overview of Holstein Switzerland

Highlights in Holstein Switzerland

Water also plays the leading role in the “Holsteinische Schweiz” but shows its lovely side. Smooth lakes border green shores and forests where life both big and small is waiting to be discovered.

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Luftaufnahme Seenlandschaft Holsteinische Schweiz

Landscape in Holstein Switzerland

Holstein Switzerland does not have to commit to a specific landscape: Gentle hills with rapeseed fields alternate with traditional hedge ways and light green beech forests that merge into reed banks, in front of mirror-like reflective lakes. Sometimes, it is green under the treetops, sometimes blue between sky and water, and sometimes misty-silver in the morning.

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Wiesen und Bäume in der Holsteinischen Schweiz
© / Jan-Christoph Schultchen

Activities in Holstein Switzerland

Here, time moves differently: between the lake and the forest. To the beat of the paddles gently dipping into the smooth water, or to the rhythm of the hiking boots on soft foliage. Stress? Far away from here, walking through old castles and even older oak-lined avenues.

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Freundinnen am See in der Holsteinischen Schweiz

Culture in Holstein Switzerland

Wherever you turn, history, culture and an eventful past are ready for little journeys through time in this truly unique region. No wonder: Princes, empresses, bishops, poets and thinkers have all romped along the picturesque lakeside promenades.

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Plöner Schloss
© / Jan-Christoph Schultchen

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Großer Plöner See mit Schloss Plön im Hintergrund

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