Grünes Gras in einer Düne am Strand während des Sonnenuntergangs über dem Meer


Rough winds and soft breezes: the fresh salty air in Schleswig-Holstein is ubiquitous and promotes your health.

Whether it’s Nordic walking, a stroll along the beach, running or cycling, you will recharge your batteries. Seawater and aerosol, seaweed, sand, chalk, silt, moor and sulphur sol are all used as curative treatments and therapies. The many seaside spas and health resorts have suitable offers available. You can find your very personal well-being moment in Schleswig-Holstein in wellness and Thalasso centres, saunas and the many wellness programmes. Indulge yourself!

Relax in many ways

Frau im Pool in der Therme
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Wellness and relaxation

Re­gard­less of the weath­er – be it nasty north Ger­man weath­er or bright sun­shine – the di­verse range of well­ness of­fers in Schleswig-Hol­stein help you re­dis­cov­er your in­ner bal­ance at any time of the year.

Relax in one of the many wellness and health centres (in German) and return home full of energy.

Let yourself be pampered and enjoy a time out, during which you will feel completely relaxed. The stay is rounded off by a unique nature experience, as the centres are often located directly near the water. Let your gaze travel across the expanse of the North Sea (in German) and the Baltic Sea (in German) while body and soul relax completely.

Seegras am Strand


The natural healing powers and positive effects of the sea are used in the Thalasso therapy (in German).

The term is derived from the Greek word “Thalassa” – the sea. Thalasso refers to a treatment with seawater and its valuable substances and components, such as seaweed and silt, which is why the proximity to the sea is necessary.

In Schleswig-Holstein, therapists, spas and wellness oases, among others, have specialised in Thalasso therapy at the North Sea (in German). 

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