Paar im Glampingzelt auf dem Campingplatz Prinzenholz

Special accomodation

Enjoy an overnight stay with that special something.

The sun slowly rises and bathes the sky in a golden light. The seagulls make their first rounds over the calm, waveless water. Where guests from all over the world usually cavort, you have only just woken up. Today, you are the first on the North Sea beach, you enjoy the peace and quiet on the pier on the Baltic Sea or look out from your cosy bed through the small window at the breathtaking landscape in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein.

Schleswig-Holstein is as diverse as its accommodation options. Whether on land, on the water or in the middle of green forests: Individual and unique accommodation awaits you in the country between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. How about a night in a sleeping beach chair, on the water or in a stylishly furnished circus wagon? Animal and nature fans will experience an unforgettable night in the animal park or “wild camping”. You will certainly not forget this holiday experience.

Overnight highlights