Luftaufnahme der Kieler Förde und des Leuchtturms in Friedrichsort

Industry solutions

Schleswig-Holstein is a dynamic and entrepreneurial region. For years, innovative ideas have been implemented and sustainable values created.

The foundations for the economic infrastructure of the future have been laid. The economic clusters and competence centres bring together numerous companies that support this value of knowledge and innovation and enable the region's continuing development.

Cluster initiatives

Digital Economy

Schleswig-Holstein promotes information and communication technology, media and software development with the DiWiSH cluster. Smart concepts and knowledge and technology transfer are key concepts for the economic development of Schleswig-Holstein.

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Food industry

Alongside mechanical engineering, the food industry is the manufacturing sector in Schleswig-Holstein with the highest turnover and a long tradition. The foodRegio network strengthens Schleswig-Holstein as a food location in the long term.

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Renewable energies

For the economy of the future, "green" energy is a decisive location factor and innovation driver. This makes Schleswig-Holstein a benchmark in wind energy and a pioneer in the energy transition.

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Life Sci­en­ces

The cluster's broad corporate base in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology, as well as the participation of universities, research institutes and clinics, make the life sciences cluster one of the most important in Northern Germany.

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Maritime economy

The Maritime Cluster Northern Germany supports the transfer of digital simulation and planning technology as a guarantee of quality for shipbuilding in Schleswig-Holstein. A five-federal-states initiative with a focus on cooperation and joint projects and innovations.

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Luftaufnahme des Nord-Ostsee-Kanals


The Tourism Cluster promotes one of the leading industries in the region and steers the long-term implementation of the Tourism Strategy Schleswig-Holstein 2030. It also develops a sustainable tourism model for Schleswig-Holstein together with partner organisations.

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Digital skills in Schleswig-Holstein

The digital environment is one of the fastest growing industries in Schleswig-Holstein and a fundamental tool for the development of many sectors of the economy. It is a crucial sector competence with more than 13,000 companies in the IT and digital industry. Kiel is a good example of this with its more than 250 companies in the digital sector.

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