Salemer See im Herbst

Autumn in Schleswig-Holstein

When the landscapes and towns of Schleswig-Holstein glow in warm colours and the leaves turn a colourful autumnal shade, when the days become shorter, the temperatures cooler and the winds rougher, the golden time of autumn begins in the true north.

You hear the wind blowing through the woods and the falling leaves rustling under your feet. It smells of fresh leaves. The warm rays of the sun seep through the treetops and warm your face. You don’t dodge the puddles caused by the last short rain shower today, because your rubber boots protect you from the cool wet sensation. Your gaze wanders to the lake you’ve just discovered at the end of the forest path. You enjoy the peace and quiet, and are already looking forward to the hot coffee waiting for you in the cosy café around the corner.

The golden season in the true north

It’s autumn in Schleswig-Holstein. Whether on land, on the water or in the middle of green forests: It’s time for long walks in beautiful nature, hot meals and drinks typical of the country and the enjoyment of slowing things down. In the heart of Schleswig-Holstein, be it inlandHolstein Switzerland or the Duchy of Lauenburg and Stormarn, a multitude of lakes, cosy farm cafés and cute towns that invite you to stroll around await you. On the coasts of the North Sea and Baltic Sea, too, there are many opportunities to enjoy the autumnal time-out to the full.


Experience autumn

Fahrradfahrer am Großen Plöner See
© / Jan-Christoph Schultchen
Pärchen wandert in der Holsteinischen Schweiz
Luftaufnahme des Salemer Sees
Herrenhaus Gut Emkendorf
Oluf-Samson-Gang in Flensburg

A colourful foliage spectacle

Strand mit Wellen
© Beate Zoellner

The wind is picking up and the temperatures are dropping – autumn has arrived on the North Sea. Thickly wrapped in a rain jacket and scarf, we head to the beach for a long walk. The wind lets the wonderful salty air swirl around your nose, while the rough waves stir up the sea. The Kiters try to conquer the seemingly irrepressible power of the North Sea. The local cabbage and delicious prawns make your mouth water at the prospect. And when the rain pelts against the windows, an exclusive wellness programme offers relaxation for both body and soul.

Pärchen am Ostseestrand im Herbst
© / Oliver Franke

The dense clouds break and the weak rays of the sun glitter across the sea. The villages are quiet, and the Baltic beaches invite you to take leisurely walks. The next autumn storm is approaching, the winds are picking up – a good opportunity to fly kites. Many colourful creatures dance through the gusts: what a spectacle! Even in northern Germany’s at times dismal weather, there are many offers along the Baltic Sea coast that promise a successful holiday. And as soon as darkness falls, the sea of lights leaves a sparkle in every eye.

Fahrradfahrer am Plöner See
© / Jan-Christoph Schultchen

The sun’s rays bathe the landscape in warm light, the colourful foliage is reflected in the many lakes of Holstein Switzerland. Thick fog drifts over the wide fields between the coasts. In the dense forests of the Duchy of Lauenburg, the most beautiful chestnuts are collected while a gust of wind makes the leaves dance from the trees. Equip yourself with weatherproof clothing and marvel at this firework of colours from the water. So why not hire a canoe or kayak and off you go – right into the heart of Schleswig-Holstein.