Eine Frau fährt auf dem Fahrrad einen Weg am Ufer eines Gewässers entlang. Ihr Schal weht im Wind.

Between the coasts

Wind force 4.5, moderate wind between the coasts. Whispers through the treetops. Swaying blades of grass in perfect rhythm. Carries away the mist of the moors. Whirls around and provides a fresh (tail) wind.

In Schleswig-Holstein, away from the coasts, the inland, the Duchy of Lauenburg and Stormarn and the Holsteinische Schweiz invite you to relax, albeit actively. Here, nature is the real treasure. Unique natural paradises defined by moorland and heathland, lakes and rivers, forests and meadows, are waiting to be discovered. The wide pastures, moors, small valleys, pumping stations and locks can be experienced in many ways. Whether for cycling and hiking tours, trips with the canoesailing boat or excursion boat – being out and about in nature here, that’s what recreation truly means. The idyllic landscape of the inland regions between the coasts is still considered an insider tip for nature fans and relaxation seekers. Also, culinary delights are served up here: many cosy courtyard farm cafés and shops offer delicacies made in-house – a place to pause and enjoy, for the road, or as a souvenir from your holiday. 

Typical Between the Coasts

Schleswig-Holstein is the land between the seas. The North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts characterise the northernmost federal state more than anything else. But if you dare to take a look at the green land behind the dikes, you will be rewarded with long-established cultural landscapes and wilderness, art and music, history, crafts and culinary delights. 

The regions between the coasts

Vier Personen paddeln auf SUP-Boards über ein Gewässer. Sie tragen Badeklamotten.
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Wind force 5, fresh breeze in the “Holsteinische Schweiz” (Holstein Switzerland). Blows from the coast through farm gardens, over lakes, forests, old thatched houses. And it blows pure holiday happiness right into the heart.

Zwei Personen sitzen auf Holzstühlen auf einer Wiese an einem Holztisch  und trinken aus Bechern. Im Hintergrund befindet sich ein Haus mit dem Schild Hofladen, Café und Bäckerei
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Wind force 5, fresh wind, in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein. It smells of fertile earth, small streams, big rivers, of damp forest, dark moor, of home-baked food, of wonderfully relaxed days full of beautiful memories.

Zwei Personen schlendern durch entlang einer Straße mit Kopfsteinpflaster. Im Hintergrund befindet sich ein Fachwerkhaus.
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Wind force 4, moderate wind in the Duchy of Lauenburg and Stormarn. Wind over high treetops. Wind over the lakes. Wind over endless hiking trails, cycle paths discovery routes. Or in other words: Wind and recreation, above all else.

Highlights between the coasts