Zwei Frauen wandern entlang von Wiesen und Weiden


Explore Schleswig-Holstein on foot. Well signposted routes along both coastlines or inland offer ideal conditions for running, walking or hiking.

Running and walking in 800 km of Baltic Sea air between Glücksburg and Travemünde: The running trails along the Baltic Sea offer a well-signposted network totalling 107 routes for running, walking and hiking on the beach, cliffs and in the hinterland of Holstein, Switzerland. On the North Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein, green dykes and the Wadden Sea tempt you to indulge in Nordic walking or climate walking. Right in the surf zone, the salty, bracing climate has a particularly stimulating effect on the metabolism and is of great benefit to the airways. The three European long-distance hiking trails E1, E6 and E9 lead from north to south via Ratzeburg, Mölln and Lauenburg through the Duchy of Lauenburg, and they are ideal for long-distance runners. Day-trippers can hike along Lake Schaal on round trips, through the Sachsenwald forest, on the High Bank of the Elbe and through the Lauenburg Lakes Nature Park.


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