Strand mit Wellen

Islands of Schleswig-Holstein

From Amrum to Sylt, the North Sea islands invite you to experience the Wadden Sea up close. Families and water sports fans can enjoy a relaxing holiday on Fehmarn, the only Baltic Sea island in Schleswig-Holstein.

With sev­en is­lands and the unique Hal­li­gen, Schleswig-Hol­stein of­fers fam­il­ies, cyc­lists and those seek­ing rest and re­lax­a­tion the ideal con­di­tions for a hol­i­day or a timeout in nature and at the wa­ter.

The islands in the North Sea region of Schleswig-Holstein are characterised by fine sandy beaches that go on for miles and a lush dune landscape. As the largest North Sea island, Sylt combines nature, glamour, and top-class cuisine in a unique way. Further south, in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Schleswig-Holstein’s Wadden Sea, you will find Föhr, the “Frisian Caribbean”, with its healthy climate and more than 8,500 events every year. The fine, white “Kniep” sand of Amrum is one of Europe’s widest beaches and makes the hearts of lighthouse lovers beat faster.

On Pellworm, those seeking peace and quiet can recuperate in the expansive landscape and between the green fields, for example, on a cycling trip. This lends itself to Nordstrand, in particular, the peninsula of Husum. Heligoland, Germany’s only deep-sea island, offers “pure nature” and a glimpse of seal and common seal colonies on the dunes, not only to day-trippers. Embedded in the national park of Schleswig-Holstein’s Wadden Sea, you will also find the unique Halligen, small islands surrounded by water. Those who live here feel the tides and live with them. The only Baltic Sea island in Schleswig-Holstein, Fehmarn, is linked to the mainland via a bridge and boasts more than 2,000 hours of sunshine a year. 

The is­lands of the North Sea and the Balt­ic Sea in Schleswig-Hol­stein

Steiniger Strandabschnitt auf der Insel Fehmarn
© Beate Zoellner
Strand und Dünen
© Beate Zoellner
Eine Dünenlandschaft an der Nordsee mit Wasser im Hintergrund.
© Zeddel
Seebrücke Föhr
© Sven Meier, Güby
Zwei Pferde ziehen eine Kutsche über die Insel. Im Hintergrund steht ein Reethaus.
© Nordseeküste Nordfriesland | Markus Rohrbacher
Blick auf zwei Warften der Hallig Nordstrandischmoor
© Beate Zoellner

On the trail of holiday happiness

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