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It tastes best with friends.

A moment when not only the palate, but also the heart and soul are enchanted – that’s when you enjoy in Schleswig-Holstein. In cosy pubs or small bars, nestled between countless delicacies, surrounded by warm-hearted people and immersed in good conversation. Nowhere else can you taste Germany’s “True North” more authentically and experience wonderful snugly moments.

Zwei Personen in einer Brauerei

Fresh, honest craft brewing

Anyone who has once experienced the wonderful combination of North German salty air in the nose, along with hops and malt on the palette, will be sure to return here time and again. Countless small craft breweries have given Schleswig-Holstein’s local beer scene new momentum in recent years. In addition to the classic North German pilsner, stouts, pale ales, porters, hoppy IPAs and carefree, fresh versions of German beer classics are now on the menu almost everywhere. Simply delicious – and just perfect for a nice time out together with loved ones. After all, in Schleswig-Holstein, all of the senses will be stimulated in equal measure.

Winemakers with the wind in their sails

In Schleswig-Holstein’s wine, you can taste the warmth of our winegrowers and their love of rugged nature in a unique way. For more than 10 years, wine has also been grown in Germany’s “True North” – and that despite salty air, icy winds and the usual drab weather (or perhaps precisely because of it). The results are fresh white- and red wines with their very own character from little-known grapes such as Solaris, Muscaris and Cabernet Cortis. Definitely worth trying, if only because of the delightful wineries situated between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea – and, of course, because of the exciting winegrowers’ stories from Germany’s unusual wine region.

Zwei Personen trinken Wein
Familie am Esstisch
© D. Fühler

Enjoyment – as only we know how

A convivial round with dear friends, delicious food and many beautiful moments: that’s the typical Schleswig-Holstein experience. Whether in a gourmet restaurant, a rustic country inn, a small farm shop café or the rustic fish stall directly at the harbour. Typical North German dishes with regional and seasonal ingredients and passionate chefs included. Genuine happiness on a plate.

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Culinary specialities


Fresh air, restful beaches and green landscapes: this is the image most people have of Schleswig-Holstein – but also harbours, sailing boats and fresh fish.


Since 2009, wine-growers have been successfully growing vines in Schleswig-Holstein’s vineyards – in spite of the salty air, strong winds and the all too familiar, foul weather.

Gedeckter Tisch im Garten

Regional products lovingly handcrafted into delicious cakes are waiting to be eaten by hungry day trippers in Schleswig-Holstein’s farm cafés. Discover the small oases amidst the beautiful nature in the land between the seas.

Innenaufnahme Hofladen

Regional products from sustainable cultivation, meat from lovingly reared animals and the use of environmentally conscious packaging: In our farm shops in the true north, you can shop with a clear conscience and enjoy top quality.


On your city tour through Schleswig-Holstein, the one thing you mustn’t forget is to make a quick detour through the numerous traditional workshops. Especially in this digital, ephemeral age, it is the things that surround us we pay more attention to – the lovingly polished glasses on the dining table, the hand-made leather belt or the delicious tot of rum. Discover our local businesses and their treasures up close on an artistic, culinary journey.

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Arbeiten in der Glas Manufaktur

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