Dünen auf Sylt

Schleswig-Holstein all year round

Discover the true north in any season.

Whether it’s in spring, summer, autumn or winter, whether in sunshine or the region’s infamous “bad weather” – Schleswig-Holstein is worth a visit in every season. Let the strong wind caress your nose on the North Sea, relax in summer on the Caribbean-like Baltic Sea beach or enjoy the bright colours of the nature parks in the inland region.

The true north, no matter the weather

Wanderweg in Stormarn
© sh-tourismus.de/MOCANOX

When the days get longer and the sun’s rays warmer, the sky shines in clear blue and the birds begin to chirp, life returns to the holiday resorts in the true north – it’s spring time in Schleswig-Holstein.

Blick auf den Strand von Heiligenhafen an der Ostsee im Sommer
© www.ostsee-schleswig-holstein.de / Oliver Franke

When people wearing colourful swimming trunks and bikinis plunge into the North Sea and Baltic Sea, when a refreshing breeze envigorates the senses after a hot day, and an expanse of sandcastles built with loving attention to detail adorn the beaches – then it is truly summer in Schleswig-Holstein.

Salemer See im Herbst
© sh-tourismus.de/MOCANOX

When the landscapes and towns of Schleswig-Holstein glow in warm colours and the leaves turn a colourful autumnal shade, when the days become shorter, the temperatures cooler and the winds rougher, the golden time of autumn begins in the true north.

Holzsteg in verschneiten Dünen
© Beate Zoellner

The true north is multifaceted and a place for holidays and relaxation all year round. Especially in winter, you will find quiet spots and tranquil places on the coasts and in the heart of the country, where the clocks seem to stand still.

Grüner Tannenzweig
© CC0

Germany’s true north is always worth a visit – especially at the end of November and in December, Schleswig-Holstein is unique. Where else can you enjoy the pre-Christmas season by the sea or with that certain Scandinavian flair?