Zug auf der Rendsburger Hochbrücke


How do I get there?

By rail
© NAH.SH | Manuel Weber

By rail

The best way to reach Schleswig-Holstein is with Germany’s national railway service (DB). There are rail connections to the north from all over Germany. Often, we take the train to our neighbours in Hamburg and then from there to the state capital Kiel. Most small and large towns in Schleswig-Holstein have a railway station. Take the train to us for your holiday: Thumbs up!

Blick auf zwei Kreuzfahrtschiffe im Hafen
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By ship and sailboat

You can also travel to Schleswig-Holstein by boat. In Kiel and in Puttgarden on the Baltic island of Fehmarn, ferryboats from the entire Baltic region dock. Arriving with your own sailing boat has a special charm. On the Schleswig-Holstein Baltic coast, there is a marina in every major town that looks forward to welcoming visitors.

Luftaufnahme der Fehmarnsundbrücke
© www.ostsee-schleswig-holstein.de / Oliver Franke

By car

Three major motorways run through Schleswig-Holstein: The A7 from the south to the north, the A1 from the southeast to the north in the direction of Denmark and the A23, which leads towards the North Sea and then turns into country roads. The scenery along the streets is unparalleled: Rape fields, coasts, forests, horizons. Parking spaces, petrol stations and electric charging stations are mostly available. Car sharing services and the well-known car rental companies are well established in the larger cities.

Mann im Flugzeug
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By plane

Those who would like to reach their holiday destination by plane have the option of flying to Hamburg. Hamburg Airport welcomes flights from all over the world and is only a good hour’s drive from Schleswig-Holstein. A smaller airport is located in Lübeck. Since it is mainly used by private pilots and business travellers, the connections are manageable, but are being continuously expanded. It’s worth checking whether your departure point is directly connected to Lübeck!

Criss-crossing through Schleswig-Holstein

Schleswig-Holstein has an excellent local transport network operated by the local transport association NAH.SH. It is quite feasible to reach the vast majority of the country’s destinations by bus and train. Those who like exercise can take the most beautiful means of transport of all – the bicycle – for short or even long distances. Schleswig-Holstein has 13 well-maintained and signposted long-distance cycle routes along which you can experience the “true north” at your leisure. In many cities, it is also possible to rent a bicycle for the duration of the holiday.

Zwei Fahrradfahrer auf einer Brücke
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