Highlights in Holstein Switzerland

Water also plays the leading role in the “Holsteinische Schweiz” but shows its lovely side. Smooth lakes border green shores and forests where life both big and small is waiting to be discovered.

Where sea eagle and badger say good night to each other in perfect harmony

In the “Holsteinische Schweiz” Nature Park, young and old experience nature with all their senses. Children can taste old apple varieties in the meadow orchards and smell the tangy greenery in the herb patch. In the adventure forest, fallow deer and falcons offer truly stunning spectacles to behold. Walkers can hear nesting mallards and great crested grebes on the nature trail above the wet meadows. In addition to migratory birds that rest on the lake plateau after crossing the Baltic Sea, white-tailed eagles, eagle owls and kingfishers also feel at home. Help with discovery is provided by viewpoints and guided excursions.

Wald und See in der Natur
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Bathing like the young princes

The “Prinzeninsel” island juts into the “Großer Plöner See” lake like a green snake. The peninsula can only be explored on foot, but the long march to its top is richly rewarded: “Prinzenbad” is one of the prettiest sandy beaches in the district. The small island was already loved by aristocrats in the 19th century: The sons of Emperor Wilhelm II learned to swim on these banks. When her mother, Empress Auguste-Victoria, visited the young princes, she preferred to rest on the southern tip, in the shade of trees, overlooking the clear water.

Luftaufnahme Prinzeninsel
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As a welcome guest with wine and cake

It’s official: Where strawberries and wine thrive, summer must be at home. Gentle hills and the mild Baltic Sea climate offer the best conditions for wineries – including in the north. On the sun-drenched slopes, wine is produced that has already won awards and can be tasted in the stylish country inn. For those with a sweet tooth, there will be homemade cake with strawberries from the field. After that, things can continue seamlessly: The culinary journey takes you across the “Holsteinische Schweiz” via home-style cooking at the inn with a view of the lake, the farm shop with fresh organic produce and a farm café in the shade of a windmill.

Weingut in der Holsteinischen Schweiz
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