Gedeckter Esstisch vor einem Rapsfeld

Schleswig-Holstein Gourmet Festival - The flagship for first-class cuisine in Germany’s true north

Every year at the Schleswig-Holstein Gourmet Festival (SHGF), renowned guest chefs converge on 17 authentic member establishments to showcase their exceptional culinary skills – all ranging from pure nature to fusion cuisine.

A taste sensation rooted in tradition

For the 37th time in the event’s history, these restaurateurs will be creating exciting 5-course menus for the discerning palate of their guests, and will be on hand to answer any questions about their profession. A real insider tip for gourmet fans to discover top-class culinary diversity and delve deeper into the art of fine cuisine. 

In addition to returning faces, new restaurateurs also celebrate their debut at the SHGF every year, so that this diverse culinary network is on a consistent expansion course. 

Gedeckter Tisch draußen vor einem Strandkorb in Friedrichstadt
© Holländische Stube

Tour de Gourmet Solitaire

The Tour de Gourmet Solitaire (TdGS) was created to offer individuals aged 40 and over a special, delicious platform for getting to know each other. 

The popular restaurant hopping experience affords you the opportunity to get to know like-minded gourmets over a 4-course meal and exchange ideas. Drinks and shuttle service are included!

Tour de Gourmet Jeunesse

The SHGF has also created a communicative network tour – the Tour de Gourmet Jeunesse (TdGJ) – for a younger target group of 18 to 40-year-olds. Be it accompanied or flying solo – all guests get to socialise here, and there is a lively exchange over exciting dishes. Every season is characterised by a new route to two member restaurants. The price comprises a 4-course menu including drinks and the transfer between the venues.


Gedeckter Esstisch vor einem Rapsfeld

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