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In Lübeck, fresh ideas for food and drink can be found all around: From the Sudden Death craft beer brewery to the Cycle Roasters coffee roastery, the “Konditoreibar” Uter to the Hanseatic food served at the “Fangfrisch” restaurant – the region’s newly opened hotspots are always about the best taste, as well as attitude and a bit about style.

Nahaufnahme Lübecker Marzipan
© LTM/Olaf Malzahn

Lübeck’s sweetest temptation: Marzipan

Marzipan is Lübeck’s sweetest ambassador, and is inseparably linked to the city’s history. The exotic ingredients and recipes for making the exclusive delicacy – which originally came from the Orient – arrived in the old Hanseatic city of Lübeck via newly established trade routes. It was first mentioned in written passages as early as 1530. In the Middle Ages, marzipan was considered a medicine due to its high nutritional content, and was long reserved for a wealthy upper class. The Marzipan Museum tells the story of Lübeck marzipan. Impressive creations made from the sweet almond paste are also on display here – perhaps more so than anything else, all twelve life-size marzipan sculptures of prominent marzipan lovers such as the famous Lübeck writer and Nobel Prize winner, Thomas Mann.

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© sh-tourismus.de/MOCANOX

A sophisticated drop: “Lübecker Rotspon”

“Lübecker Rotspon” is a title for red wines of French origin that come to Lübeck in bulk, so to speak, and are only bottled here. This approach enjoys a long tradition: As early as during the Hanseatic period, the import of Bordeaux wines began as accompanying cargo for the main trade goods of salt and fish. The “Rotspon”, which takes on a special flavour due to the maritime climate in the north, quickly enjoyed growing popularity. You can learn more about the history of Lübeck’s “Rotspon” and the traditional wine trade at Lübeck’s oldest wine house, H. F. von Melle, in Beckergrube, where wine has been sold since the middle of the 19th century. Of course, tasting this legendary wine should not be missed out on.

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Außenbereich Restaurant
© LTM/Olaf Malzahn

Lübeck’s maritime delicacies

In the listed premises of the traditional Restaurant Schiffergesellschaft, you feel transported back to the time of the Hanseatic League. As early as the 16th century, a convivial meeting place was established here in the former guild house of the boatmen’s society – founded as the “St. Nicholas Brotherhood” or “St.-Nikolaus-Bruderschaft” – which today serves typical North German dishes such as the classic “Labskaus” or “Pannfisch”. Authentic seafood dishes are also served at the stylish location, The Newport, which has its own marina and unrivalled views of the old town. Located directly on Lübeck’s “Drehbrückenplatz”, the crew of Restaurant Fangfrisch has created a paradise of pleasure for fans of straightforward, honest and Hanseatic food. Where possible, all dishes are made from regional products. A special tip: take a fish sandwich (“Fischbrötchen”) or a sandwich to go (“Stulle auf die Hand”) at the restaurant’s own kiosk, and enjoy the sunset on the water steps of the “Untertrave”.

Glaskaraffen mit Bier

Hops and malt: Beer from Lübeck

Beer has been produced in the “Brauberger, probably Lübeck’s oldest Romanesque cellar, since 1225. The gleaming brew kettle stands in the middle of the guest room of this traditional brewery, and creates a rustic, cosy atmosphere. The menu features pretzels and hearty meat and fish dishes that harmonise perfectly with the wonderful beers. The “Sudden Death Brewing brewery has recently joined the long tradition of brewers in Lübeck. The home of the Craftbeer Company is the shipyard quarter of the “Kulturwerft Gollan”, a place with an industrial history that today invites you to savour events, art and culture. Founders Oliver Schmöckel and Jan Eric Nagel brew every beer by hand. For those who want to learn more about the brewing process, a brewery tour followed by a tasting session is recommended – with a good portion of history, shop talk and tonnes of passion included. 

Nahaufnahme Fischbrötchen in den Händen
© LTM/Olaf Malzahn

A flying culinary visit to Travemünde

Travemünde is Lübeck’s seaside resort directly on the sea, and has everything to offer that the holiday-hungry heart longs for: fine sandy beaches with countless wicker beach chairs, many small and large ships to marvel at, three promenades for strolling and shopping. Especially here on the Baltic coast, people love to eat fish sandwiches in all their variations, topped with salty and sour “Bismarck herring”, with mackerel, with eel, with crabs, baked fish or a homemade fishcake and some lettuce, onions and other vegetables. Be it plain with just a dollop of tartar sauce or with different dressings, whether as a vegetarian option or a luxury sandwich – there are no limits to creativity when it comes to fish sandwiches. At Travemünde’s fishing harbour, one fish stall follows the next, and each has its own unique style. Königs Fischbrötchen sells this delicacy true to the classic style, Fin & Grete more as modern street food, Fisch Stengel as a freshly caught speciality.

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Café Uter
© Fabian Schwarze

Cake dreams

The cupcakes at the cosy “Café Uter” on Lübeck’s Fleischhauerstraße are little works of art. Under the gaze of visitors, master pastry chef Aurèle Uter conjures up, for example, the “lemon curd”, named after the British lemon cream made of butter, eggs, lemons and sugar, arranged on shortcrust pastry and surrounded by meringue on the “turntable”, creating a unique sour taste experience. There are no words that do it justice! In the pastry bar, which the owner has furnished in industrial style with great attention to detail, there are breakfast and small lunch dishes – and cake is always good anyway.

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Restaurant Fangfrisch
© Fangfrisch GbR

Freshly caught fish

Directly on Drehbrückenplatz in Lübeck, the crew of “Restaurant Fangfrisch” has created a paradise for friends of straightforward, honest and Hanseatic food: The menu includes captain’s soup and cod fillet, salmon burgers, fish and chips and, of course, matjes with homemade sauce creations and potatoes from the local farm shop “Bauer Schramm”. Where possible, all dishes are made from regional products. One special tip: Take a fish roll or a sandwich to go at the restaurant’s own kiosk and enjoy the sunset on the water steps of the Untertrave.

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Glaskaraffe mit Kaffee
© Cycle Roasters

But first coffee!

Cycle Roasters is all about good coffee: At the café in Fleischhauerstraße, you can let your palate decide which flavour tastes best:

Whether classic, fruity, nutty or chocolatey – there is much more to discover than simply strong or mild. Every cup of coffee here is a speciality with its own story. Questions expressly welcome! Those who want to delve even further into the world of baristas should secure a place on one of the coffee courses, which, in addition to imparting basic knowledge, for example, on the best way to prepare coffee, also talk about sensory science and technology.

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