Hafen von Kiel


As the capital of Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine. The use of seasonal, regional and quality ingredients is not the exception for young chefs, but rather the rule. Ocean specialities can often be found on the menus, but so are new interpretations of traditional North German dishes. Thirsty night owls will also be thrilled by Kiel’s diverse bar landscape.

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Kiel’s culinary hotspots

As the state capital, Kiel has a small but fine gourmet scene: Restaurants that bring seasonal and regional ingredients of outstanding quality and craftsmanship to the plate. “Längengrad” scores big with a unique location, high above the Kiel Fjord in the terminal of the ferries to Sweden, as well as with its own special concept. Traditional, simple, and upscale cuisine finds its place in Restaurant “Längengrad”. Restaurant “Fischers Fritz” in the Hotel Birke Kiel boasts North German, vegetarian and vegan classics on its menu – dishes from in front of and behind the dyke – and is part of the Schleswig-Holstein pleasure association FEINHEIMISCH. The picturesque Romantik Hotel Kieler Kaufmann is home to “Ahlmanns” – a fine-dining restaurant that stands for modern, sophisticated cuisine. “Flygge” is a restaurant that combines the cuisine of Schleswig-Holstein with inspiration from cuisines around the world – always in search of authentic flavours and a unique taste. “Lagom” on the “Kiellinie” also combines traditions: Chef Benjamin Stadler offers delicacies from regional and Scandinavian cuisine.

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Go out and enjoy

Anyone who appreciates a good, handcrafted beer will feel at home at the Lille Brauerei” brewery. In the brewery, which also has a taproom and beer garden, you can observe the beer-making processes and taste a wide selection of in-house beers. Kiel’s largest tap system – over 20 beers on tap and more than 50 craft beer varieties from all over the world – can be found in the craft beer restaurantJan & Hein & Klaas & Pit, which serves hearty, regional dishes – including vegetarian options – to go with the beer. The breathtaking ambience of Deck 8, the Atlantic Hotel’s sky bar, is not to be missed on any visit to Kiel: With sea air caressing their noses and an unobstructed view of the ships down on the fjord, guests can enjoy exquisite wines and fruity cocktails here while experiencing sunset cinema at its finest. Deck 8 can also be booked exclusively for special occasions.

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Sweet treats

A crêperie in Kiel! Blé Noir is a place where sweet and savoury crêpes – including the Breton version of “galettes” – dominate the menu. Très français, for example, with caramel and salted butter, with chestnut cream or apple slices and calvados. The dark buckwheat “galettes” are topped with bacon and fried egg for a good start to the day or with goat’s cheese, honey and red wine and onion confit for a pleasant end to the evening. “Chilli Vanilli” is a true all-rounder: a cosy café with a view of “Holtenauer Straße” and, at the same time, a press centre and retailer for small, fine stationery and other favourite items. In the immediate vicinity of Kiel’s main railway station is the Welcome Café, which invites you to arrive and get your bearings while enjoying fresh waffles and sandwiches, homemade cakes and “Franz rolls” (“Franzbrötchen”). With a Vietnamese touch, Mu:d Coffee in Kiel’s historic quarter shows its guests how simple and delicious healthy eating can be with small homemade dishes. 

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Culinary events

Every year, Kiel’s Christmas market attracts many visitors to the city centre. Be it sweet and warm, hearty and aromatic, maritime or exotic – Kiel’s Christmas market, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Germany because of its incredible atmosphere – has a culinary highlight on offer for every taste. With the Farmers’ and Regional Market, which will take place from October 4 to 6, 2024, a rural flair will take to Kiel’s pedestrian zone: Regional producers present their diverse agricultural and handicraft products daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Autumnal regional products – such as pumpkins, fruit, honey and cheese, as well as hearty farmer’s food and drinks – will be on offer at Holstenplatz, Europaplatz and Asmus-Bremer-Platz. To this end, October 6, 2024 is an open Sunday on which Kiel’s shops will be open from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.