Aussicht auf den Weststrand auf Sylt


Fine taste has found a home on the gourmet island of Sylt: Germany’s largest North Sea island is home to three Michelin-starred restaurants, Germany’s only oyster farm, the “Sylter Royal”, excellent coffee roasters and small beach bistros that invite you to enjoy a cocktail with a view of the sunset.  

Strandrestaurant Kap-Horn in Stranddünen
© Strandrestaurant Kap-Horn

Enjoy life with sea view

One great Sylt tradition are the small beach bistros, which line up along the 40-kilometre coastline like pearls on a string. On wind-protected terraces, you can enjoy the view of the water – at the right time with a sunset cinema and sundowner drink – and everyday life becomes a distant memory. “Sunset Beach”, for example, offers tarte flambée, matjes with fried potatoes and salad, “Onkel Johnny’s” has burgers and fries on the menu, and the legendary surfer hot spot “Buhne 16” also offers simple, delicious dishes that are needed for an enjoyable time at the beach.

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Nahaufnahme Gericht auf Teller
© Budersand

Gourmet Island Sylt

The number of Michelin-star restaurants on Sylt stands at three in total – the “Söl’ring Hof” with two Michelin stars, “Bodendorf’s” restaurant (Landhaus Stricker) and the “Kai3” restaurant (Hotel Budersand), each with one star – are known and loved throughout Germany for their down-to-earthness, their regional natural products, their creativity and highly individual nature. These, along with other restaurants and top hotels, also won an international award from the restaurant guide “Gault Millau”. Sommelière Bärbel Ring, who is responsible for the wine cellar and the restaurant at “Söl’ring Hof”, has already been named “Sommelière of the Year” several times.

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Nahaufnahme Torte
© Laura Müller

Tea, coffee or cocoa?

Especially on cold days, all the hot drinks that people in the far north like to liven up with a shot of high-proof alcohol are very much at home. From “Pharisee” to “Tote Tante” to tea punch: The North Frisians make life cosy in autumn and winter. In the many cafés and bakeries on the island that invite you to warm up and arrive, there is a wealth of top-quality teas and coffee blends that go perfectly with local specialities such as “Friesentorte” or “Frisian cake” – a dream wrapped in puff pastry. Coffee culture of the highest order, known among gourmets, is celebrated by the Sylt Coffee Roasters in Rantum and the Braderup Coffee Workshop, which achieved a proud 5th place in the German Brewers Cup.

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Mann hält Auster in den Händen.
© Sylt Marketing

Culinary ambassador of the North: “Sylt Royal”

Germany’s only oyster farm is operated by the traditional “Dittmeyer’s Austern-Compagnie” with “Sylter Royal” in the North Frisian Wadden Sea National Park, Blidselbucht near List. Ebb and flow determine the rhythm of work: The seafood grows in net bags on so-called “table cultures”, which are washed around by the nutrient-rich water of the North Sea at high tide. With good care – turning, shaking, cleaning from seaweed and algae and wintering on the farm – the oyster is ready for harvesting after two years. Fans can be surprised by new taste creations in the company’s own restaurant and oyster bar.

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Nahaufnahme Meersalz
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Sylt DelightMaker

As a former star chef, Alexandro Pape knows what matters when it comes to enjoyment and taste. His “Fleur de Sylt” – now known well beyond the island’s borders – is a mild-flavoured, mineral-rich sea salt that is also available in such sounding variations as “Wild Berries” and “Flower Blend”. Pape lets 3,500 litres of seawater flow daily through a 500-metre pipeline into an indoor saline, where the salt is dissolved out and gently dried. From the water that falls off during salt production and the best Sylt deep fresh water, he brews his WATT beer and makes unique pasta specialities according to the recipes of his Sardinian great-grandfather. 

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