Ein Mann und eine Frau sitzen an einem Esstisch auf einem Steg am See.

Duchy of Lauenburg

The Duchy of Lauenburg is located in the south of Schleswig-Holstein and its landscape is characterised by over 40 lakes, deep forests and green meadows. The fertile soils are home to the largest and oldest asparagus-growing area in the country. Colourful farm shops and idyllic farm cafés offer regional food and invite you to lose track of time.

Nahaufnahme gedeckter Tisch mit Gericht auf Teller und Weingläsern
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The “Lauenburg Plate” (Lauenburg’scher Teller)

One district, one “shopping basket”, tonnes of creativity: The “Lauenburg Plate” is a tradition that the local restaurateurs have kept for 29 years. The idea is to create a dish based only on regional products that reinterprets traditional cuisine – and that shows what delicious things the region has to offer. “Lauenburg plates” can be found continuously on the menus of participating establishments from the end of March to the end of October. Only regionally available and fresh ingredients from the so-called “shopping basket”, a product list sent out before the start of the campaign, are used. Each dish is given a name by its establishment that is as melodious and distinctive as possible.

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Ein Mann befindet sich auf einem Spargelfeld und erntet Spargel.
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Asparagus fun

With a total area of around 120 hectares, the Duchy of Lauenburg has the largest and – at over 100 years of age – also the oldest cultivation area for asparagus in Schleswig-Holstein. In the fields of the Lauenburg asparagus growers, the vegetables thrive in the best quality and are almost exclusively marketed directly: In the region’s farm shops, at the many stalls and at weekly markets, these fresh stalks of deliciousness are offered for sale from April to the end of June. This is because the noble vegetable may only be pricked until St John’s Day, 24 June, after which the plant must be allowed to regenerate.

Every year, the reigning asparagus duke officially kicks off the season and represents the community of asparagus growers and the noble vegetable at festivals, markets and events.

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Außenansicht des Dielencafés Kittlitz
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Buy and enjoy – regionally and seasonally

Farm shops and farm cafés exude a very special charm. The products on offer, including those that are self-picked, come in part straight from the field: asparagus, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, apples, potatoes, cheese specialities, sausage and meat, eggs, honey, juices and much more. During the rural shopping trip, there is enough time to taste, feel, smell and taste at leisure. This is as close as you can get to our food! Be it before or after, the farm cafés invite you to take a breather with a piece of homemade cake and a steaming cup of coffee.

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Ein Mann und eine Frau sitzen an einem Esstisch auf einem Steg am See.
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Dinner by the lake

An old saying goes “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. That’s right: A delicious meal in a special atmosphere is something truly wonderful, and will be the stuff of great memories for many years to come. A dinner by the lake, for example, including candlelight, flowers and prosecco, is a romantic break from everyday life. The participating restaurants, which score top marks for their location on one of over 40 lakes, are happy to put together a very personal dinner by the lake – as a surprise for your partner for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary or simply to celebrate love.

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