Coffee workshop in Bad Segeberg

Kalkberg Coffee - That’s how great Segeberg tastes. The very special coffee “Made in Northern Germany”

On historic ground, where Möbel Kraft once began, the finest coffee is now gently refined in traditional drum roasting.

“Baking coffee” – this special roasting process developed by Kalkberg Kaffee extracts the components from the coffee bean that are responsible for stomach aches and discomfort. What remains is pure pleasure with an extraordinary aroma.

The art of the Kalkberg roasting masters dictates the flavour spectrum and the aroma compounds. This is where the true treasure of Kalkberg coffee is revealed – because it is about knowledge and skill, about striving to give the best, and about the passion and joy for this special pleasure. The 21 coffees currently produced by Kalkberg Kaffeerösterei have been known and loved far beyond the town of Bad Segeberg for years, and are now sold throughout Germany, Poland, Austria and Switzerland.

Ralf Schaffer von Kalkberg Kaffee
© Oliver Reetz


In various coffee seminars & barista workshops, you will learn everything about the delicious coffee beans and what you can do with them. Embark on an exciting journey into the world of latte art and rediscover your love of coffee in a completely different and breathtaking way