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Bats, horse-riding festivals, Wild West adventures – there’s a lot going on in the climatic health resort around the Kalkberg!

Exciting experiences on the water’s edge

The district town of Bad Segeberg, with a population of around 17,000, is located in the middle of the geographical triangle formed by Hamburg, Lübeck and Kiel and on the edge of the “Holsteinische Schweiz” Nature Park. Due to its strategically favourable location, Emperor Lothar III, on the advice of the missionary Vicelin, had a fortress built on the top of the Kalkberg in 1134 and a monastery at its foot. The former Siegburg castle gave the village its name and repeatedly played an important role in the power struggles of the following centuries.

The Karl May plays have made Bad Segeberg famous throughout Germany. For 70 years, they have been performed in the summer months in the open-air theatre against the backdrop of the region’s “Kalkberg” or “Chalk Mountain”. The exciting adventures of the blood brothers Winnetou and Old Shatterhand delight entire families; stars from film and television enrich the ensemble every year. Next door is home to the Indian Village with the rustic western town of LaGrande. There, visitors can stroll from saloon to sheriff, children discover shiny nuggets while panning for gold and an exhibition informs about “The World of the American Indians”.

Modern equestrians also meet regularly in Bad Segeberg for the “Horse Festival of the North”. They compete in various disciplines on the country showground and celebrate together. In addition, the annual state tournament with the championships in show jumping and dressage for Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg takes place on the race paddock.

Below the Kalkberg is a unique natural cave – Northern Europe’s largest natural bat roost. If you want to learn more about these special animals, why not visit the Noctalis bat centre with its interactive experience exhibition.

The “Große Segeberger See” lake with its lake promenade, open-air swimming pool and boat rental offers a high recreational value. Adjacent thereto is the health park with various clinics and other health-promoting facilities. At the “Aktivplatz” on the south shore of the lake, walkers can enjoy a Kneipp session, work out on outdoor equipment or simply relax. Active holidaymakers also make use of the numerous hiking and cycling trails, for example, along the Trave or in the Ihlsee and Ihlwald nature reserve.

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