Rum distillery in Flensburg

Liquid gold with an unmistakable aroma – a genuine tradition is preserved here.

Ein Mann hält ein Glas mit Rum in der Hand.

The traditional Flensburg rum house, which goes back more than 140 years, keeps alive the original culture of the rum town of Flensburg. This company, founded in 1878, has had its home in a former merchant’s warehouse at Marienstraße 6 since 1912. The site includes the yard and production in the “Marienburg” warehouse, more than 300 years old.

Johannsen’s store is located in the front building at No. 8. Johannsen’s specialities are sold in the small, cosy half-timbered house. There you will find almost a dozen types of rum from in-house production. In addition, you can purchase rum pot, delicious pralines, punch, liqueurs and further spirits. Lovingly arranged gifts await you that can also be individually assembled on request. On a guided rum tour open to the public, you can experience genuine Flensburg rum culture.