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The famous rum town of Flensburg lies very close to its Danish neighbours. Scandinavian flair, quaint alleys, the small idyllic harbour as well as beach oases in the surrounding area make Flensburg a diverse, special town.

Exciting experiences on the water’s edge

This idyllic little harbour metropolis on the Danish border offers a full programme. From culture to shopping to culinary experiences and events such as the traditional rum regatta!

Situated in the north of Schleswig-Holstein, Flensburg lives up to its reputation. The Scandinavian flair running through the cosy Old Town alleys and along the harbour is palpable everywhere. It’s less than half an hour’s bike ride to the border crossing of Schusterkate in Wassersleben. You can catch a glimpse of the nearby Danish coast from all the beaches – and if you listen to people talking in the Old Town, you will frequently hear Danish spoken.

This town of two cultures has lots to offer as the history of Flensburg is closely entwined with the history of our Danish neighbours. Even today, you can see and experience traces of the past in Germany’s famous rum town.

Nature lovers can discover the wonderful coastal landscape and the hilly peninsula of Anglia by bike or on foot. Pristine beach oases tempt you to linger along the way!

Cities right by the water

Be it on the seashores or in the midst of lush lake landscapes; be it on the Kiel Canal, along winding canals or clear rivers: Schleswig-Holstein holiday happiness is reflected in the water’s surface in the most beautiful colours, no matter the season. While spring sees cities blossom in all their splendour, the bathing season will spoil you with a fresh summer breeze. Autumn strengthens life and country with a distinct tailwind, while winter makes the “kluntje” – the region’s famous sugar candy – clink in your tea cup. And so, every season in Germany’s true north has its own special charm.

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Zwei ältere Frauen stehen am Hafen mit Segelboot im Hintergrund
© sh-tourismus.de/Foto: Arve D. Fühler

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