Arbeiten am Hot Rod Motor

Hot Rod workshop in Norderstedt

WENCKSTERN Custom Cars. By hand. With passion. In Norderstedt.

Scheinwerfer eines Hot Rods

A tour of the city of a different kind in a vehicle never seen before. Since 2010, very special, lovingly handcrafted custom cars have been manufactured in the WENCKSTERN workshop. It all started with a wild idea born of childhood dreams. How about developing a mini-vehicle that would be guaranteed fun to drive and also certified for use on the road? A high-quality, personalised toy for adults that would be made in line with individual wishes?

A truly wild idea, but its implementation succeeded to perfection. In the last few years, original WENCKSTERN Hot Rods have become top products with a unique selling proposition: The original WENCKSTERN – individually produced, conceived and manufactured in the WENCKSTERN workshop – is a very grown-up car, just not quite as big as its fellow street cars but with an incomparable fun factor to make up for it. These little speedsters are chic and likeable – real Hanseatics, in other words.

And they pack a real punch. These little rascals on four wheels can cruise through the Federal Republic at 88 kph. They tempt the adventurous to explore cities with them on hot rod fun tours throughout Germany. Drop into the showroom if you’re in the area. This is where the hot rods look their best.

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