In Plön, lying at the heart of Holstein, Switzerland, you will encounter an idyllic castle, quaint city centre as well as a beautiful lake landscape, inviting you to take a trip by canoe or bike. Discover Plön on a stroll through the Old Town or from the water on a boat or canoe trip!

Exciting experiences on the water’s edge

Take a dozen lakes, rambling castle grounds and an idyllic Old Town. And there you have Plön.

Right in the heart of Holstein, Switzerland. And very close to the Great Plön lake. You are just a few steps from the centre of town with its historic buildings and small street cafés. The watchword here is to stroll around, go shopping, see and be seen. You’ll love the shady avenues and old castle gardens with their ancient trees and exotic plants. And above it all, the majestic white castle glows. Many people call it the most beautiful castle in Schleswig-Holstein. See for yourself. If you fancy, you can also paddle or pedal on Great Plön lake and along the river Schwentine. Maybe you’d prefer something more low-key and enjoy the bright sun deck on one of the pleasure boats that sail across the vast lake landscape of Holstein, Switzerland.

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