Luftaufnahme von Mölln


Nestling in the Lauenburg Lakes Nature Park, the idyllic little town of Mölln lies in the Duchy of Lauenburg. The town is famous for its former resident and fool Till Eulenspiegel, who awaits you at the fountain in the historic marketplace in Mölln.

Do you enjoy travelling and are always up for fun? Then come to the town of Till Eulenspiegel.

.You will find traces of the famous jester throughout Mölln. He definitely never dreamed he would have so much fame. There are hardly any streets or squares where he can’t be found. He waits for you at the Eulenspiegel Fountain on the historical marketplace. Quickly rub his bronze thumb and the tip of his boot. It brings good luck.

You can also meet up with the famous jester in the spa park with its creative, themed gardens and refreshing water features. Whether before or after a Kneipp cure is up to you. If you want peace and quiet from the fool’s tricks, then hike or cycle along the kilometre-long nature trails and pay a visit to the Uhlenkolk Wildlife Park before climbing up the Old Water Tower.

Praline workshop in Mölln

The praline as the height of the chocolatier’s art.

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Luftaufnahme von Mölln

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