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Visit this town on the River Elbe and discover happiness, a vibrant art scene and the “original Glückstadt Matjes herring”! In honour of this culinary delicacy, the town even celebrates a large four-day festival every year in June.

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Segelschiff Rigmor auf dem Wasser
© Gerald Hänel-Garp

Spring till summer

The “Rigmor” from Glückstadt is the oldest sailing ship in Germany that, to this day, is still in working order, and which invites you to embark on an exciting journey through time on a sailing tour.

Drei Menschen stehen mit dem Rücken zur Kamera und Blick aufs Wasser mit freudig empor gehaltenen Armen.
© Glückstadt Destination Management GmbH (GDM)

Summer (starts on the 2nd Thursday in June)

In honour of its culinary speciality, the town throws a big summer festival every year in June: with live music, an “open-ship mile” and, of course, matje in all manner of variations.

Ein Mann und eine Frau sitzen auf einem Steg am Wasser.
© Glückstadt Destination Management GmbH


Boat tour, or would you prefer a bicycle tour? In Glückstadt, you can enjoy an ideal combination of both. After a two-hour boat trip to Stade, you will cycle back along the water!

With all its small, dreamy alleyways, this king’s dream of a city on the Elbe radiates a very special charm at every turn.

‘Dat schall glücken und dat mutt glücken, un dann schall se ok Glückstadt heten’ (We shall have luck and we need to have luck and therefore I name the town Glückstadt - Lucky/Happy Town), this is the plan for luck and happiness. For you as well. Stroll through the historic town centre along quaint alleyways, visit the snug row of houses at the harbour and let your gaze wander across the Elbe. The Danish founder of the town, King Christian IV, would be delighted. You are now free to be part of his ‘happy town’, dating back to 1617. It has a young, vibrant art scene with numerous galleries and studios, the Detlefsen Museum and the Palais für aktuelle Kunst (Contemporary Art Gallery).

Lovers of maritime culture are not the only ones to enjoy cruising on the sailing ship ‘Rigmor’. Be sure to try Glückstadt’s culinary speciality – soused herring, the ‘Original Glückstadt Matjes’! Every year in June, the town on the Elbe even holds a huge, four-day festival in honour of this young herring.

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