Strandkörbe stehen auf dem Sandstrand. Die Sonne steht tief über der Ostsee.

Highlights at the Baltic Sea

Highlights are indeed a dime a dozen on the Baltic Sea coast, but strictly speaking, you can’t do without fish sandwiches. A fish sandwich is actually always a good fit, be it as a snack in between, every day and at any time of day.

Plenty of sun on Fehmarn

With around 2,200 hours of sunshine a year, Fehmarn is one of the sunniest places in the whole of Germany. Potential rain clouds are simply blown away by the steady, fresh breeze. A natural paradise and important refuge for migratory birds that rest and breed in the Wallnau Waterbird Reserve situated on the western side of Schleswig-Holstein’s largest and only Baltic Sea island. Fehmarn invites you to actively experience its fascinating natural spectacle.

Große Steine am Meer und die Ostsee werden durch den Sonnenuntergang in gelb-orangenes Licht gehüllt.
© / Oliver Franke

Cycle path with a view

The best thing about cycling is the view. On the Baltic Coast Cycle Route, you can cycle from Kupfermühle near Flensburg over 438 kilometres to Lübeck-Travemünde on one of the most popular cycle routes in Germany. Why is it so popular? This is because the route is also easy for recreational cyclists, because it always stays close to the coast with fantastic views and because there are always places to stop and relax along the way.

Eine Radfahrerin sitzt auf einem Holzgeländer und schaut auf das Meer. Am Geländer lehnen zwei Fahrräder.
© / Oliver Franke

“Fresh fried fish, fish fresh fried, fried fish fresh, fish fried fresh”

Whether it’s with smoked eel or pepper mackerel, with Bismarck herring or maties: Every year at the beginning of May, the coast celebrates World Fish Sandwich Day. That’s because a fresh, well-made fish sandwich is one of the best reasons ever for a holiday at the Baltic Sea. The varied creations of the northern German fast food classic are more numerous here than almost anywhere else, and the fish often comes directly from the cutter. Take a big bite and enjoy!