Sleep­ing beach chair

A night with a difference in the real North: Spend the night on the beach or in a particularly beautiful spot in the countryside in the world’s first sleeping beach chair.

Along the North Sea and Baltic Sea, guests and locals can book the beach chair and spend a comfortable night beneath the stars. It measures 1.40 m width and 2.30 m length and thus provides sufficient room for two adults. With a weatherproof windowed tarpaulin, it can be closed off, protecting guests from wind and rain.

Sleeping on the beach is a unique experience!

This is also the opinion of the judges from the German tourist organisation Deutscher Tourismusverband e. V. (DTV): Our overnight beach chair was awarded 1st prize at the German Tourism Awards 2016 (in German) as well as the public’s prize!

Our vlogger Christoph shows you what it feels like to spend a night in the overnight beach chair…


Would you like to spend a comfortable night beneath the stars?

You will find further information on the overnight beach chair in Schleswig-Holstein and booking options here:

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