Ein Radfahrer fährt auf einem geteerten Weg eine Kurve. Links und Rechts vom Weg befinden sich grüne Wiesen.s

Cycling on the North Sea

Wind-blown pasture land, thatched farmhouses, the sea roaring behind the dunes and the beach beckoning for a picnic: A varied, well-signposted network of cycle paths runs through the entire holiday region on the North Sea and invites you to actively explore.

True to the motto “The journey is the destination”, you will get to know the country and its people intensively, discover dreamlike places and hidden specialities. Bicycle-friendly accommodation also welcomes cyclists for one night. Guided bike tours provide exciting insights into culture and tradition. The most beautiful cycling tours for those who like to explore are also available in the Cycling brochure for Germany’s North Sea region. For those who love a sporty variety, the long-distance cycle routes and themed routes are recommended. This is how you follow the Viking-Frisian Route the tracks of the Norsemen from one sea to the other. The Border Route invites you to enjoy a historical flying visit to your Danish neighbour. Vis-à-vis with luxury liners and imposing freighters, the Kiel Canal Route offers an exciting trip through idyllic nature. As another particularly popular option due to its multifaceted nature, the North Sea Coast Cycle Route offers an impressive experience for all. It is a section of the North Sea Cycle Route, which is one of the longest signposted cycle tours in the world, covering 6,000 kilometres around the North Sea.

Special tours

Whale-watching and cycling? Do they even go together? Of course, yes! A cycle tour along the Sylt Whale Trail will be sure to sharpen your knowledge of these beautiful creatures and their habitat. Around 6,000 harbour porpoises live in the whale sanctuary off the west coast of Sylt and leisurely go about their business. The Whale Trail stretches over almost 40 kilometres from List to Hörnum and consists of 12 information units so far, which are set up at beach crossings along the west coast. If the weather is calm, there is a good chance that the cycling tour along the whale trail will be crowned with the sighting of such a magnificent specimen.

Blick aus den Dünen auf Strand
© Beate Zoellner

Fun Facts

Cycling to a “Hallig”? Sure, you can! The Hamburger Hallig is connected by a 4-kilometre-long causeway, offering the opportunity for a special cycling trip with a view of the Wadden Sea and the salt marshes. Bikes can be rented at the “Amsinck-Haus” directly at the dike crossing.

Fun Facts
© Beate Zoellner

Insider tips

While on two wheels, discover the Hallig Langenneß: The small ferry of W.D.R. takes guests from Schlüttsiel via Hallig Hooge to the neighbouring Hallig Langeneß, the largest and most populous of the Hallig islands.  Hallig Langeneß is long and perfect for exploring by bike. Another place worth seeing is, without doubt, the „Kapitän-Tadsen-Museum“ on Ketelswarf with exciting insights into Hallig life in earlier days. At the very eastern end of the Hallig is the “Lorenbahnhof”. Perhaps one of the unusual vehicles will be seen coming? The Wadden Sea Protection Station is located on Peterswarf and offers excursions for bird watching. Oh, and by the way: If you let yourself be pushed by the strong westerly wind, you should plan three times the journey time for the way back – otherwise, the ship will be gone. 

Ein Regenbogen über der grünen Wiese einer Hallig
© TA.SH / Peter Lühr