Vier Personen fahren in winterlicher Kleidung mit dem Fahrrad an der Ostseeküste entlang. Im Hintergrund befindet sich eine Seebrücke.

Cycling on the Baltic Sea

Along the glittering Baltic Sea past crystal-clear rivers and lakes, along wooded cliffs and wide beaches – if you always have the water in view, you can cycle away from everyday life without a care in the world.

Especially off the beaten track, on the most beautiful “detours” along the Baltic Sea coast, there is a lot to discover. Here, cycling enthusiasts can see much that often remains hidden when travelling by car. The region offers the right tour for every level of fitness, regardless of whether you are a pleasure-seeker or a professional racing cyclist. The Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Route which runs 438 kilometres from Kupfermühle near Flensburg to Lübeck-Travemünde and is part of the Baltic Sea Cycle Route. If you love surprises and want to try out new routes, why not take advantage of the numerous possibilities offered by the Inland- and Baltic Sea “at a Glance” tours: Staying on course to many interesting destinations between land and water, as well as culture and nature. As a snack on the go, the “Fischbrötchen” or “fried fish roll” is, of course, a must!

Looking for more inspiration? In the cycling brochure there are more great routes to discover.

Special tours

High up in the north, very close to Denmark in the Flensburg Fjord, get on your bike to discover culinary delights. With a guide, a group goes on a four-and-a-half-hour pleasure bike tour to the most beautiful places such as Glücksburg Castle, the Holnis peninsula or the small fishing village with the beautiful name Langballigau. One special tip is the freshly baked wood-fired bread at Mühle Hoffnung in Munkbrarup.

Wasserschloss Glücksburg
© Beate Zoellner

Insider tip

Psssst, insider bike tours! Beautiful and natural detours are hidden all around the Baltic Sea. One of them is the Binnensee & Waterkant Tour which starts in the nature reserve between Sehlendorfer Strand and Alt-Hohwacht. The almost 28-kilometre tour offers views of the Baltic Sea, as well as the small and large inland lakes.

Sonnenaufgang im Winter im Naturschutzgebiet an der Ostsee
© Hohwachter Bucht Touristik/Charlotte Wiegert

Fun Fact

Bicycle guide – Axel Kramer loves cycling and the Baltic Sea. It is, therefore, not surprising that he has made both his profession. His tours are varied and special. And so there is a tour to romantic places where the couples cycling with him let him cycle back alone at the end. Popular, not only with children, is the “Ice cream tour” through the OstseeFerienLand with the aim of visiting the best ice cream parlours offering homemade ice cream. Eating ice cream is a must on this tour. With this motivation, even children ride 30 to 35 kilometres and manage 5 or 6 ice cream parlours. All tours are also available on demand.  

Ein Sommerhut hängt über dem Lenker eines Fahrrads. Im Hintergrund ist ein Sonnenaufgang.ein
© / Oliver Franke