Luftaufnahme Nord-Ostsee-Kanal bei Sonnenuntergang

Highlights in the Inland

Invitation to the country party: The inland region of Schleswig-Holstein offers holidays for every passion – between the Danish border and the Schlei region in the north, the fertile marshland on the Elbe and the green Hamburg hinterland in the south, as well as the district of Segeberg in the east.

Kiel Canal ahoy!

The Kiel Canal runs right through the state, connecting the two coasts of Schleswig-Holstein. The approximately 100-kilometre-long waterway was built almost 120 years ago under the reigns of Wilhelm I and Wilhelm II. Today, in addition to numerous container ships, ferries and sailing boats, around 100 cruise ships pass through the country on this route every year. A trip by water, on foot or by bike along the canal from Kiel to Brunsbüttel at the mouth of the Elbe is recommended.

Fahrradfahrer schauen auf den Nord-Ostsee-Kanal
© Gerald Hänel / GARP

Food with heart and soul

From regionally produced vegetables, fruit and dairy products to meat, eggs and bread to juices, spirits and preserves: Schleswig-Holstein’s farm shops have a lot of great things on offer. Here, you can get an idea of where our food comes from and how elaborate the production is. Many farms invite you to take a coffee break in the farm café afterwards: The handmade cakes, such as the genuine North German “Trümmertorte” - a dream made of crunchy meringue, cream and fresh fruit – are a delight.

Regionale Torten in einem Hofcafé
© CC0

The bat in all its glory

If you look up into the sky at dusk in a forest clearing or in a backyard, you have a good chance of spotting bats. Silently, the ultrasonic flight artists flit through the air on the hunt for mosquitoes so fast that you can hardly follow them with your eyes. 23 bat species are known in Germany, 15 of which live in Schleswig-Holstein. The Great Evening Swift and its relatives spend the winter in the Kalkberg caves in Bad Segeberg and in the towers of the Levensau High Bridge on the Kiel Canal, among other places.

Stein mit Fledermaussymbol