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Bar­ri­er-free trav­el­ling

Within the meaning of an inclusive society, every person, whether with or without a disability or mobility/activity limitations, should have the opportunity to participate in social life fully and equally. This also includes travelling.

Travellers are offered a diverse range of holiday opportunities between North Sea and Baltic Sea, which can also be discovered and experienced by people with disabilities. To be able to support you in your travel or excursion preparations, Schleswig-Holstein has joined the scheme "Reisen für Alle" (“Travel for everyone”).

This country-wide standardised scheme was developed over several years in collaboration and coordination with numerous relevant associations as well as tourist associations, regional marketing organisations and other stakeholders as part of the project "Reisen für Alle", which is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).

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Barrier-free travelling Baltic Sea

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Barrier-free travelling North Sea

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