Möwen fliegen auf der Suche nach Nahrung über der aufgewühlten, winterlichen Nordseebrandung vor Sylt.

Highlights at the North Sea

On our North Sea coast, things are down-to-earth and tranquil. The main protagonist on stage, however, has a tart, headstrong beauty that makes everyone’s heart beat faster: The sea.

Barefoot in the mudflats

Every six hours and twelve minutes, a natural wonder happens on the coasts of the North Sea: The water retreats and reveals the seabed, the Wadden Sea. In the process, it leaves an infinite variety of furrows and shapes on the sandbanks and in the wet silt. A short time later it returns, first imperceptibly, then with all its might. See as far as the horizon and feel the fine sand under your feet!

Wattwanderer im Wattenmeer bei Husum
© sh-tourismus.de

High up

The Westerheversand lighthouse on the Eiderstedt peninsula is something like the identifying mark of the west coast: It was built in 1906 on a mound about 1,000 metres in front of the dyke and is probably the most famous and most photographed lighthouse in Germany. It signalled the nearby mainland to returning sailors. On the viewing platform, you can experience the wonderful expanse of Schleswig-Holstein.

Leuchtturm bei Nacht
© Sascha Egerland