Eine Gruppe von Menschen laufen durch das Wattenmeer.

Activities at the North Sea

So please take a deep breath. Sometimes, you have to want to be outside ... But it’s worth it! The sea calms the soul, the circulation gets going, the wind conjures up a rosy complexion. And now a grog!

Wind and waves, high and low tide, sun and clouds. The North Sea looks different every day. But there are weather patterns that often come together: Sun and wind, for example. Weather that is ideal for spending the day at the Beach. Whether bathing and picnicking, or walking on the mudflats and looking for shells – the air and light on the beach are pure relaxation. Another group grateful for this weather situation are also water sports enthusiasts such as surfers, sailors and kiters, for whom the motto is often: The more wind, the better.

Badestrand auf Sylt im Sommer
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Wind and a little less sun go well with moderate endurance sports such as Nordic walking, hiking or cycling. On the west coast, in addition to the well-known North Sea Coast Cycle Route and the Viking-Friesian Route , there are another 420 kilometres of signposted routes along which you can explore the land behind the dyke in relaxed style. A less popular weather condition – as typical for our North Sea coast as a salty fish roll – is rain and wind. The rain is often so fine that an umbrella is not even worthwhile and the wind so strong that it would blow the umbrella away.

Fahrrad am Strand
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If it’s raining or windy, take a trip to one of the nine adventure pools on the North Sea coast, where young and old can spend a whole day playing. And anyway: Don’t wellness and sauna feel best when the wind is whistling around outside? For those who don’t want to be lazy even in so-called “bad weather”, a trip to the Multimar Wattforum Aquarium and information centre in Tönning is highly recommended.

Schafe vor dem Leuchtturm Westerheversand in Nordfriesland
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