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Culture in the Inland

Culture for every sense: In Schleswig-Holstein’s inland, you can hear, see, feel, taste and smell music, art, theatre, film, literature and culinary delights. Welcome to the colourful, diverse inland!

Schriftzug "Wacken"
© CC0

Some people in Schleswig-Holstein claim that this is the land of farmers and fishermen. And this statement is definitely meant in a positive way! But it also gives an indication that it sometimes takes a strong-willed initiative to bring music and art into the area. This is exactly how the idea for two festivals was born, which today are among the country’s biggest export hits: The Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, whose focus is on classical music, enjoys hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The legendary Wacken Open Air, which takes place every year at the beginning of August in the small town of Wacken northeast of Itzehoe, started out very small in the 1990s. Today, it is one of the biggest heavy metal festivals in the world and attracts over 80,000 fans to Schleswig-Holstein every year.

Rendsburger Hochbrücke

And so art, culture and industrial history can grow and flourish in the inland cities. The garrison town of Rendsburg offers a technical monument of engineering with its 100-year-old railway high bridge and floating ferry. In neighbouring Büdelsdorf, the NordArt, one of the largest contemporary art exhibitions in Europe, is held annually on the grounds of the former Carlshütte iron foundry. Quite apart from the superlatives, the green inland of Schleswig-Holstein also scores highly with a down-to-earth, traditional regional food culture that suggests a land full of gourmets: From the renowned “Käsestraße” to “Glückstädter Matjes” and the numerous fruit farms in the state – everyone appreciates the freshness, the short distances and the craftsmanship behind it.