Pralinen der Pralinenmanufaktur in Mölln

Praline workshop in Mölln

The praline as the height of the chocolatier’s art.

Exceptional artistry with first-class ingredients. Learn how to make, fill and decorate pralines yourself. Whether nougat pralines with roasted almonds or white chocolate strawberry truffles, every praline is a little work of art, exhibiting genuine craftsmanship, creativity and love of detail.

Zutaten in der Pralinenmanufaktur Mölln


Learn the sweet art of the chocolatier in a 4-hour workshop in the praline workshop. Give free rein to your creativity in making, filling and decorating pralines. You’re allowed and encouraged to try them as you go. The course is suitable for beginners, hobby chefs, groups of 8 to 25 persons and keen children from the age of 12 upwards. Whether it’s for a coffee morning, company outing, among tennis ladies, at a bachelorette party, birthday, silver wedding anniversary, with friends or family, chocolate tempts you to create your own pralines together as well as to try each others’ and swap them.