Handarbeit Herstellung Mosaik

Mosaic tile workshop in Plön

Atielier am Schöhsee - courses in the countryside Art as therapy. Laying mosaic tiles: an art form that has been around for millennia but which never grows old.

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Do it yourself: Discover the craftsman/craftswoman in you. Experience the power of expression in colour.
Use your creativity to rid yourself of the stress of everyday life. Mosaics in which small pieces are put together to form large pictures, and decorative images are an art form familiar since the time of the Ancient Greeks. Even in antiquity, people made mosaics to embellish their own living spaces. The striking aspect of mosaics is primarily the magnificence of their colours and the diversity of materials used.

Born in Hamburg, Sabine Könneker, owner of Atelier am Schöhsee, felt the call of the North in 2016 after living abroad for 20 years (Japan, Holland, Oman). By qualification a Germanist, she mainly worked as a German teacher abroad with mosaic-making in which she initially only indulged as a hobby, beginning to take up an increasing amount of time and space. She attended workshops in Italy, France and England. There she learned various techniques and found the inspiration which enabled her to develop her own style. She held her first workshops in the Art Center in Maskat in sunny Oman, and the enthusiasm of the participants inspired her to offer courses in North Germany, too.

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The course teaches you the technique and supports you in the process of starting with an idea and achieving a finished mosaic. And you can draw inspiration from various historical examples or from the current artistic scene. A mosaic can be almost anything: a stone, a tabletop, a picture, a tray, a vase, a lamp ... There are no limits to your imagination, although to begin with, you should take on a smaller, flat project. Besides the communication of knowledge, the focus is on the therapeutic aspect of this activity. Art as therapy! Find out how you can use this calm, concentrated, creative activity to relax and feel more in harmony with the environment and your inner self.