Zubereitung eines Fischgerichts

Herring production in Glückstadt

Glückstadt herring – this is what the coast tastes like! Specialities – farm shop and restaurant

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With more than 25 years of experience, the name Plotz Matjes stands for quality, honesty and transparency.
Try the ‘original Glückstädter Matjes’, a soused herring made according to an old traditional recipe and Glückstadt’s pride and joy. It’s the natural maturing process and fine hand filleting that make the herring so wonderfully mild and as soft as butter. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Glückstädter Matjes is not just healthy, it gives you a feeling of inner happiness.

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, there’s a constantly changing range of fresh fish in the farm shop, home-made salads, single fillets of Glückstädter Matjes fresh from production, smoked fish specialities and much more besides. Freshly fried herring are prepared on Thursdays, and on Fridays, there is smoked trout.

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