From textile art via photography to technical or socio-historical content: Special exhibitions complete the offering. Spinners, weavers, cloth-makers: The Tuch+Technik Museum will tell you their story and that of an age-old handicraft from its beginnings until today. You can wander through 2,000 years of history, discover exciting exhibits and try some of them yourself. Cloth has been woven in Neumünster for almost 1,500 years.


The permanent exhibition spins a narrative yarn, tracing the technical development of textile manufacture and interweaving it with the history of the town of Neumünster. Shifting special exhibitions complete the offering of the Tuch+Technik museum. They cover a broad range of topics: from textile art, via photography to technical or socio-historic content.

Webarbeiten im Museum Tuch + Technik Neumünster


Would you like to know how to warp a loom? How to create a pattern? Or would you like to try out new textile techniques? In that case, take a look at the creative offers. There might be a course for you among them – or you might discover a new hobby? Master weavers will teach you in-depth knowledge of an old handicraft and new trends in the field of textile manufacturing. Holiday courses are also offered for children and adolescents.

Webutensilien im Museum Tuch + Technik Neumünster