Leath­er work­shop in Bad Brams­tedt

Rustic but also gentle, uncomplicated or elegant: The North is full of contrasts and these products reflect that characteristic.

 © TA.SH© TA.SHThe love of leather as a material makes every product a unique specimen. At Luca Kayz, a wide variety of individual leather accessories are designed and manufactured. This workshop specialises among other things in leather belts with different buckle mechanisms. With their popular interchangeable clasp system, they rely on diversity and individuality. The belts acquire character with wearing, becoming loyal companions.



Every product in the leather workshop is painstakingly created by hand. Take a look behind the scenes. In the workshop, great store is set by craftsmanship when working with leather and the high-quality processing of fine materials. By the time one of the products leaves the workshop, it has undergone a long development process, quality controls and numerous individual production steps.


Phone: +49 (0) 4192 20133–0
E-Mail: info@luca-kayz.de
Internet: www.luca-kayz.de

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