Beach chair work­shop in Friedrich­stadt

Beach chairs for any weather Take a piece of that North Sea feeling home with you.

“The original with the patent” ... always worth a break.


Beach chairs have been made in a family business from Friedrichstadt in North Frisia for over 35 years. The company now supplies not only to Germany and Europe but also around the world. One reason for this success is the stepless adjustment comfort system developed in Friedrichstadt as this makes it child’s play to operate the upper portion of the chair. As the customer, you can join in designing your chair thanks to the traditional workmanship.


The shapes of the dikes, dunes and waves as well as the various chair sizes, wickerwork techniques and materials in different colours and patterns offer an almost limitless selection. Fancy watching how they are produced? No problem: In Friedrichstadt, you can watch the basket weaving process during opening hours. The team will be happy to help you with further information.

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