FAQ – coronavirus

Dear holidaymakers,

the coronavirus is currently dominating public life. The state government of Schleswig-Holstein has enacted extensive, unprecedented measures in order to protect tourists and the local population. The aim is to slow down the spread of the coronavirus and the respiratory illness Covid-19 in the interests of everyone’s health and a functioning health system.

You are bound to have many questions relating to your holiday. We have put together some FAQs for your information.


Is it possible to travel to Schleswig-Holstein from abroad?

Please contact your government or embassy to find out what agreements have been made with your country, whether it is currently possible to leave your country for a trip to Germany and what the return regulations are.

The Federal Foreign Office provides information about the current entry regulations.

Since May 15th, Germany relaxed the restrictions of entry at land borders and all cross-border traffic routes will be reopened. Occasional and risk-based border checks will continue until mid-June. Travellers will still need a valid reason for entering Germany, more allowances will be made for travel for family-related and personal reasons. Travel for tourist purposes is still not recommended until further notice.

Meanwhile, domestic tourist trips to Schleswig-Holstein are permitted again since May 18th.

Are hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities open in Schleswig-Holstein?

Since May 18th hotels, holiday accommodation, gastronomy and certain leisure facilities are reopened. From June 8th on amusement parks, swimming pools and spa areas will be allowed to reopen again as well. However, special requirements and compliance with the applicable contact restriction rules are still applying to all facilities.

Nevertheless, please inform yourself before your arrival about the regulations in the respective destination and whether the respective facility is open. There may be regional differences in the regulations.

How can I currently travel to Schleswig-Holstein?

For information on the current status of your arrival and departure options, please refer to the pages of the means of transport of your choice. Deutsche Bahn trains will gradually resume their routes from 18 May onwards (Deutsche Bahn and local transport in Schleswig-Holstein). Some airlines will also resume their international routes and fly to Hamburg Airport (HAM). Bus travel and ferries are currently subject to restrictions, please contact your operator.

What are the current regulations for a stay in Schleswig-Holstein?

Within Schleswig-Holstein and in the tourism-related facilities that will be reopened from 18 May onwards, such as accommodation, restaurants, cultural and leisure facilities (including beaches), strict regulations apply until further notice to maintain distance and hygiene rules and to control the flow of guests in order to avoid large crowds.

For detailed regulations regarding your holiday, please contact your holiday region, your accommodation and the facility you wish to visit. Regional differences are not excluded.

The state government provides information about current decisions in the FAQs (only in German).

Where can I find more detailed information about a tourist trip to Germany?

The applicable regulations depend on the respective destination. There are differences both within Germany and within the region.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Foreign Office provide information on their websites about the current regulations.

Are there any restrictions for my return journey?

Depending on where you come from, there might be restrictions for your return journey. Please contact your government or embassy to find out what agreements have been made with your country and what the return regulations are.