FAQ – coronavirus

Dear holidaymakers,

The coronavirus is currently dominating public life. The state government of Schleswig-Holstein has enacted extensive, unprecedented measures in order to protect tourists and the local population. The aim is to slow down the spread of the coronavirus and the respiratory illness Covid-19 in the interests of everyone’s health and a functioning health system.

You are bound to have many questions relating to your holiday. We have put together some FAQs for your information.


I am planning a holiday in Schleswig-Holstein. Am I still able to travel to Schleswig-Holstein?

Since Wednesday, 18 March 2020, tourists may no longer enter Schleswig-Holstein – as decreed by the state government. Anyone on holiday here had to leave the state by 19 March 2020.

I would like to go on a day trip to Schleswig-Holstein, is that allowed?

No, all trips of a tourist nature are currently forbidden.

Are hotels open?

Hotels, boarding houses and holiday apartments are closed or no longer permitted to put up tourists. The only exceptions to this rule at present are people travelling on business.

Are events taking place?

All public events and private gatherings are currently prohibited or postponed until further notice. Leisure attractions and cultural facilities are also currently closed. All restaurants and cafés, shops and any establishments not serving the direct needs of the population are closed.

When will I be able to travel to Schleswig-Holstein again?

This is unforeseeable for the time being. The measures passed by the state government currently apply until 19 April 2020. The possibility of an extension cannot be ruled out.  

I am not afraid of the virus. Can I travel at my own risk?

Tourist travel to Schleswig-Holstein is forbidden at the moment.

What about if I want to visit my family?

Cross-border travel for business reasons or to perform professional duties for the fulfilment of contractual services is still permitted – regardless of nationality. This must be evidenced by carrying suitable documentation with you (e.g. contract of employment, order documentation, cross-border commuter card).

To suppress the spread of coronavirus, no more than two persons are permitted to assemble in a public space. This was agreed between the state prime ministers and Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday (22 March). The actual wording is as follows: “It is only permitted to occupy a public space alone, with one further person not living in your household or with family members belonging to your household.” This ban on contact applies from Monday (23 March) – and for at least two weeks.

How long will these measures apply?

The measures currently apply until 19 April 2020.

What’s the situation in my holiday region?

Please liaise directly with your host or the local tourism service if you have questions in relation to your booking. You will find links to holiday regions at the bottom of the page.

Is it possible to reach the tourist information offices?

The tourist information offices are not open for direct customer contact. However, staff can be reached on the phone and by email. Please be patient, our tourist managers are doing everything conceivable to help you.

Where can I cancel my holiday?

Please get in direct touch with your travel operator, tourist information office or holiday platform through which you booked your holiday. Please understand that it may take some time to process your concerns due to this exceptional situation and the increased workload.

How can I protect myself from infection?

As with the flu or any other acute respiratory infection, the Robert-Koch Institute recommends observing the rules for coughing and sneezing, good hand hygiene and maintaining distance from people already infected (approx. 1 to 2 metres). You should also refrain from shaking hands. In general, people with respiratory symptoms should stay at home.