Ein Schaf steht auf dem Deich und schaut in die Kamera. Ein Leuchtturm ist im Hintergrund zu sehen. Es dämmert und der Himmel erstrahlt in blau und rosa.

European Football Championship 2024 - Holidays in Schleswig-Holstein

Why not spend your extra time in Germany with a visit to Schleswig-Holstein? Here are seven reasons why you should consider a trip to Germany’s true north:

Schafe stehen auf einer Wiese vor einem Leuchtturm.
© Nordseeküste Nordfriesland | Markus Rohrbacher
  • European ChampionSheep - We don't always have GOATs on the grass, but mostly sheep: more precisely, on the green dykes on the North Sea coast. Did you know that the animals not only look cute, but also contribute to the stability of our dykes?
Fischbrötchen mit Fördegarnelen, Salat und getrockneten Tomaten und Rosmarin. Arrangiert auf blauer Steinplatte umringt von Zitronenscheiben und Kornblumen.
© sh-tourismus.de/Tilman Schuppius
  • Enough of bratwurst and pretzels? Have some fish! In Schleswig-Holstein, the nearest "Fischbrötchen" is never far away! The cult snack tastes best with your feet in the sand, looking out onto the horizon, feeling the salty breeze coming in from the sea.
Kitesurfer gleiten bei tiefstehender Sonne über das Meer.
© www.ostsee-schleswig-holstein.de / Oliver Franke
  • In Germany's true north, sport is not only practiced on green grass. Try your hand at water polo, beach soccer, kitesurfing, windsurfing or beach sailing!
Seenlandschaft Malente
© sh-tourismus.de/MOCANOX
  • Follow the tracks of the German football history. Visit the football training camp (+ museum) in the town of Malente, where the German national football team prepared for the succesful 1974 and 1990 World Cups. This beautiful village is popular with sports enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation alike.
Menschen spielen Handball im Watt bei der Wattolümpiade in Brunsbüttel
© CC0
  • When you see competitors throwing themselves with big enthusiasm in the mud of the Wadden Sea, you can be sure it is the time of a very special charity event: the so called „Wattolümpiade“. Every year this event attracts a big audience. People enjoy a day out, watching participants in colorful costumes compete in fun-sports such as mudflat soccer and eel relay races. All donations and earnings of that day go into providing information and counselling for Cancer patients. Don't miss this spectacle in the little North Sea coastal town of Brunsbüttel on August, 17th!
Rot-weiß gestreifter Leuchtturm vor dem Sonnenuntergang
© Ulla Moswald
  • The north is on fire… Our world-famous lighthouses in striped jerseys are not only real eye-catchers and popular photo motifs, they also help our captains to bring their team home safely!
Detailaufnahme kühler Sommergetränke
© www.ostsee-schleswig-holstein.de / Oliver Franke
  • Enjoy public viewing of the Euro 2024 in one of our numerous bars and cafes along the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. You prefer some peace? Walk along our beautiful coastline to unwind. With its length of 1.110 kilometers it gives you a lot to explore.

Visit Schleswig-Holstein

Can’t get enough of Schleswig-Holstein? The rugged North sea and the calm Baltic sea as well as serene lakes and beautiful forests tucked inbetween wait to be explored by you!

Eine Familie spaziert entlang der Nordseeküste
© Nordseeküste Nordfriesland | Markus Rohrbacher
Zwei Radfahrende schieben ihre Fahrräder über eine Holzbrücke eines Sees.
© sh-tourismus.de/MOCANOX
Die Steilküste der Hohwachter Bucht
© Hohwachter Bucht Touristik/Charlotte Wiegert